Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Lego Building

We have a rather large turbine manufacturer in our city. They recently expanded and needed more office space. An old gas station across the street was demolished to make a parking lot for their employees. The lot that they used to park on became the space for the new offices.

The asphalt was torn up and foundations were lain. I figured that a normal beam & joist construction job would take place. Was ever wrong.

On the way to church, there appeared several semi-trailers (with what we assumed were the building materials) in a field owned by the city. They sat there for about a week and we noticed that some were missing. They must have started construction.

Those semi-trailers didn't contain the building materials. They were the building. Yes, you read right. As I passed by the construction site I saw a crane lifting the trailers and stacking them up like big Legos.

I couldn't figure out how they did this because each trailer had wheels. Wouldn't the axle assemblies get in the way. Nope, each axle assembly came off like snapping the wheels off a Lego car.

It has been a really neat experience watching the boys play with their "Big Legos".

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