Saturday, October 30, 2010

People Are Awesome

I found this video and watched it with my jaw on the floor. I can only imagine the blooper video that could be made from the "misses". Please don't try any of this at home because these people are way more crazy than anyone who would ever read my blog. Click the image below to see the video.

see more Epic Win FTW

Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday # 111

My Girl

Welcome back to my faithful readers. Both of you should enjoy this post dealing with young love.

It has been well chronicled (see Flashback Friday #65,103 & 109) that I was infatuated with Pauline Pershing, my teenage neighbor. It is also well chronicled that she didn't like me, but only had eyes for the neighbor on the other side, Sneaky Crook. I think she got tired of the attention that I was payng her, and decided she needed to do something about it.

We were having a yard sale, and Mom had some of her costume jewelry in it. All the Pershing girls were looking over the jewelry like pirates looking through a treasure chest. They didn't have any money, so I gave them some, since sales were slow anyway. I also had a baggie of home made hard tack candy which I offered some, but only Tess took me up on the offer.

Later that evening I was talking to Pauline when she mentioned she had noticed how much attention that I had been paying Tess. I asked her what she was talking about. She replied that I must like Tess a lot because I had given her jewelry and candy (costume jewelry and home made hard tack, how romantic). She said if I wanted, she could ask her for me, if she would be my girlfriend.

This was going WAY too fast. I had never had a real girlfriend before. I stammered & yammered and finally said "OK".

She left, and a few minutes later, came back with Tess in tow. Tess had told Pauline that she liked me, but I don't think she thought she had a chance because I liked Pauline so much. With me out of the way, it freed Pauline to put the full court press on Sneaky.

The next day I rode my bike into Marengo and went into the corner drug store. I had noticed that behind the candy display was a small display of rings. I had a girlfriend, therefore I must buy her a ring. I plunked down $2.00 for a golden, adjustable banded ring with a red stone. Red because red is the color of love. Tess loved it.

A few weeks later, back at the swimming hole, she told me that she didn't love me any more. I was devastated. I stormed back home, slammed the front door as hard as I could, then turned and punched the wall as hard as I could. It was made of drywall, so my fist should have made a sizable hole in the wall. A word of warning, when punching a drywall wall, don't hit it where the stud is. I dented the drywall, but nearly broke my hand. If you knew where the impression of my fist was, you could see it, but to the untrained eye, it was invisible.

Tess was only the first of many who would break my heart in this crazy little thing called young love.

Do you remember you first "steady"?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spring Is Here?

Here in Ohio, we are currently in Indian Summer. Temperatures have been in the high 60's-low 70's. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be in the high 50's, which makes this picture so funny:

For those of you who can't figure out what this is, it is a violet. My front yard has lots of little violets coming up, just like they do in the Spring. Oh, I wish.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Summary

Here's some stuff that happened this week that I didn't get a chance to blog about.

Monday I took "The Boy" out to our local bike path. The two prior day had been very nice, but also very busy. I had promised him a trip to the path so he could get some time in with his chopper bike we bought for him at a yard sale.

I picked him up from school, swung by the house and loaded up the bikes, and off we went. It had been looking overcast most of the day, but wasn't supposed to rain until evening. On the way to the path, raindrops hit the windshield. I told "The Boy" that if started raining we would have to turn back, but a few sprinkles wouldn't deter us. He was fine with that. We rode a mile out, then a mile back (that's two miles for those of you who weren't counting). That's him pictured ahead of me in the picture below. As we were putting the bikes back in the truck, the rain began to fall steadily. Thank you Lord for letting me get that time in with my grandson.

Tuesday we cleaned in preparation for the small group Bible study we host monthly at our home. Wednesday we had it.

Thursday wasn't real good, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

Friday, I took off work (vacation day) and went to my parents house to take out old cabinets & install new cabinets. There was noting wrong with the old cabinet except that Mom is short and can't reach to the back of the counter. There is also limited counter space.

After Dad left to tend to a rental, Mom & I decided to leave the old cabinets and install the new ones at the other end of the kitchen. This necessitated moving out a spare refrigerator and a small chest freezer to the utility shed (which has electricity) and removing the kitchen table (which was actually a patio set). Nobody ever ate at the table, and it had become a catch all.

After the cabinets were installed, Dad came home. He wasn't too happy about the table being gone ("I like sitting at the table and eating." "When was the last time you did that? You always eat while watching TV"). I left about that time.

Saturday, I helped move a single mom at our church. Five of us men had all her "heavy stuff" moved in an hour and 15 minutes. "We are manly men" was the catch phrase. She said she could move the boxes throughout the week in her car. I then went to our local Habitat For Humanity Re-Store and bought a counter top for the cabinets I installed for Mom on Friday. After we cut it to size, this is what the finished product looked like:

Mom was ECSTATIC about her new kitchen. After I left, and was a few blocks from my house, I got a call from from my daughter,"The Ogre", stating that Grandma had told her that she could have the patio set if she wanted it. Would I please take her to got get it. So back to my parents I went again and picked up the set. Dad told me that I was right about "When Momma is happy, everybody is happy". I went home, finished the laundry that I had been doing here & there since Friday morning and headed off to the store with my wife. When we got back & put our purchases away, I went to bed.

Today, I am writing this post. We then have Sunday School, Will go out to eat, take a nap (YAY! I love naps) and we have our annual Singspiration tonight, were anyone get the oportunity to sing. Your all invited.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday # 110

Star Wars

Greetings Earthlings and intergalactic visitors. I'm sure everyone who is reading this has seen Star Wars at least once in their life. this post is about the very first time I saw it, when it first hit the theater.

We had read about the soon-to-be-released sci-fi flick in our READ magazine in English class. It sounded like it was going to be great. I kept my eyes open for a nearby theater to advertise it. Finally, a large movie house in Westerville announced it would be running it.

Dad said I could take someone with me, so I asked if we could go over to Aunt Shelly's to pick up Skeeter. When we got there, we discovered that he was working for a nearby farmer. Chawly was still there, so I asked him to come along.

We rode to Westerville in the back of Chuck's pick-up truck (Chuck was Dad's best friend.). We were let off at the theater, with ticket money and a couple dollars for snacks. We then ventured inside for a viewing of one of the best movies that I had ever seen in my young life. Space ships! Laser guns! Aliens! Laser guns! Robots! Who wouldn't want to watch this movie? Did I mention laser guns?

When the movie was over we waited a few minutes for Dad to pick up up (this was before cell phones). Chawly and I spent the time rehashing all the exciting things we had just seen. Boy, Did Skeeter ever miss out.

Dad finally got there to pick us up, and we climbed into the back of the truck. Shortly after we began our 35-40 mile trip back home, it began to rain. Not mist, or thunderstorm, but one of those good ol' soaking rains. There wasn't room inside the truck for us, seeing that there were already four adults in the cab of the truck. A blanket was brought out from behind the seat, and we used that to try to stay dry. Needless to say, we were soaked when we got home.

I saw Star Wars several times after that. I convinced Gattabout to go see it when we visited him at his Army base. He had never seen it before. He actually went to a walk in theater to see it (he preferred drive-ins). Another time it was playing at a drive in when he came home on leave. We watched the two movies on our side of the drive in, then snuck over to the other screen to catch Star Wars again. Later, one of the drive-in employees knocked on our window and said "You can go home now." We had fallen asleep.

I found the Star Wars Trilogy on ebay prior to "Episode 1" coming out for $5. It was VHS, but we still have a working VHS player, so I thought it was a great buy. "The Boy" has seen it several times, and enjoys it just as much as I do every time I see it again.

Do you have a movie that you can see time & time again?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Trip To The Llama Farm

Yesterday we visited McFarland's Llama Farm for their "Open Barn". The weather cooperated giving us a sunny day in the mid 60's. "The Boy" is old enough to see the sights for himself, so once he got a cookie or two, he was off. "The Girl", had to stay with us (or at least in relative proximity). She loved looking at the llamas & alpacas.

She even got to pet a couple of them, and one of them gave her a kiss. This was taken right after the kiss. It's hard to hold a baby & take pictures at the same time.

There were other animals there too like goats and rabbits. Here is "The Girl" discovering the the fuzzy goodness of an angora rabbit.

By the time we got home, she was worn out and took a two hour nap.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Flashback Friday # 109

The Swimming Hole

Greeting to all who have ventured this way again. Autumn is here bringing chilly breezes and cold rains. I figured I'd give you one more warm summery post to take the chill off your blog reading.

It has been told many a time in these posts that I spent a great deal of time back at the creek behind our house. I've also told you many a time that I (still) cannot swim. You would think I would have caused my parents many sleepless nights by spending so much time back at the creek. I was never told not to go, so I assumed that I had perpetual permission to be there.

My neighbors were back there a lot too. The WWE kids, the Butcher boys, The Pershing girls and the Crooks all spent time with me back at the creek. There was a mile long segment that we always stayed in. That was about to change.

One day, a couple of the Crook boys told us of a deep section of the creek that they found. Under normal circumstances, the creek was about waist deep at the deepest point we navigated. They said they had gone up the creek a bit and found an even deeper spot (seeing that sticky fingers were a common past time with the Crooks, going "up the river" seemed prophetic).

When we (me, 3 Crook boys & 4 Pershing girls) got to the spot, we realized that this would make a great swimming place if we could do some improvements. In a spot that was about 15 feet square, we took out as many large rocks as we could, making the water chest deep. We put these rocks downstream to make a small dam. It wasn't very effective, but it did widen the creek at that point a bit.

We had no tree nearby, or bank in which to dive from. We simple waded out, and swam (except for me, I waded out and waded). The one attempt to tie a rope to a tree ended in failure. The closet limb would get you as far as the ankle deep water at the bank. Swing & let go to try to make the deep point landed you in knee deep water.

If it wasn't for the presence of the Pershings, I never would have gone back to the swimming hole. I didn't care too much for the Crooks. It didn't help matters that I was infatuated with the eldest Pershing girl. She didn't know I existed. She only had eyes Sneaky Crook, the second oldest.

After the Pershings moved away, I seldom went back to the swimming hole. If The Crooks were back there, I stayed away, or visited my old stomping ground down the creek. After the Crooks moved, I don't think I ever visited it again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coffee with meme & sugar

My wife tagged me for an eight question meme (rhymes with cream). She must want me to come out from beneath my blog rock that I've been hiding under. Here goes:

1)Do you have a favorite love song that makes you feel warm and fuzzy?
I have liked the song "Touch Of The Master's Hand" by Wayne Watson from the time I first heard it (20 some years ago). It still blesses me today.

2)Do you remember the first time you really felt God tugging at your heart? Where were you and how did it make you feel?
I had been invited a couple of times to a church by a girl at school in the ninth grade. Early in the eleventh grade, I was invited by my best friend. I didn't know that they were the same denomination. When I put 2 & 2 together, I figured that God was trying to tell me something. I haven't left.

3)Do you remember a particular time when someone encouraged or complimented you and it changed your whole attitude, giving you a better day?
I had just tracked down some missing parts for my supervisor. After I told him of their whereabouts, as I was leaving, I heard one of the other supervisors ask "Where can I find someone like that for me?" It made my day.

4)What is/was your very favorite subject in school and why?
I love history. You get a chance to see how things were done, and contemplate how things might now be if things were done differently.

5)What is your preference of a pet - dog, cat, fish, or none?
I am a dog person. I have had some very loyal dogs. Cats are too aloof.

6)Name one thing that you really like about your personality.
I can find humor in almost all things. It's one of my main coping mechanisms.

7)Name one thing that you would like to improve about yourself.
I would like to be able to feel comfortable around folks that I don't know well. People who don't know me well tell my wife that I'm really quiet. If you know me well, you know that's not really true.

8)Name one thing that you are very thankful for and can't imagine living without.
Faith. Now faith is the substance of hings hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1. Even when I can't feel God, I KNOW he is there.

I'm supposed to tag others. Since , other than my wife, I only have three readers on this blog, and Mrs. Lemon was tagged in the same post that tagged my wife, that leaves only Jewel & Mrs. Nurse Boy. If you decide to answer the questions, please leave me a comment so I can check out your answers.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Animals Are Such Animals

Here are a few video clips to show that you shouldn't mess with animals. They will get revenge.
funny GIFs - U haz noms over dere?

funny gifs - Prank Dog

funny gifs - Ninja Monkey

He Wishes He Was Chicken Gif - He Wishes He Was Chicken

funny gif - Hide the ball will you? Take That!

I hope these tickled you as much as they did me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Flashback Friday # 108

The Slave Auction

Hello you wonderful folks, glad to have you back for another edition of Flashback Friday. (At least I hope someone is reading this, otherwise I'm talking to myself, and you know where that leads, don't you? I sure do.)

Today's post is about my 8th grade American history class. I've discussed "Mr. Bowser" in previous posts. He was one of the most unusual teachers that I had. He Incorporated game shows and role playing in the history class so learning was fun. History is still one of my favorite subjects.

This post is about a role playing session about pre-Civil War slavery.This particular class took longer than normal, as it was done every year. Our other teachers got a break from us since this class lasted most of the day.

In our class of 30 kids, we each were given a role to play. 14 kids (seven boys & seven girls) were couples looking for a slave to purchase at the local slave auction. Each of the couples had a scenario, monetary limits, and a specific type of slave to attempt to purchase. I was a buyer looking for a slave to help move my wife & me to Missouri. Others needed workers for farming or domestic help.

Five boys were the slaves. Five slaves, seven buyers. Someone would go home empty handed. There was an auctioneer, and his helpers. There were also five abolitionist present to protest. Bart (see Flashback Friday #107) was one of the abolitionist. Once everyone was prepped,the auction began.

As the auctioneer began, each slave was lead to a platform to be displayed. As the auctioneer began, the abolitionist would yell and protest. As each slave was sold, the abolitionist would jeer & catcall. Finally the auctioneer had enough. He ordered his men to throw out the abolitionists.

As his men were "escorting" the abolitionists out, the back door to the classroom was flung open and the slaves made a break for it. "The slaves are escaping" cried the auctioneer. Mr. Bowser said there was a reward for anyone who captured a slave. He had discussed with those playing slaves that they had to stay on the school property, and anyone staying hid for an hour, escaped to freedom.

The race was on. One was found right away hiding under one of the teacher's cars. Another was caught behind a tree at the border of the property. One by one, the slaves were brought back in. There was still one missing.

Down the corridor where my locker used to be was a utility access closet that all the water lines to the bathrooms ran. This was off limits to the student population, but would a slave think to hide there? I ventured in with a couple of fellow hunters. There was no light (at least we couldn't find a switch. Breaker box maybe?) so we had to venture in by feel. I was in the lead. Midway back, my hand brushed over something clammy & wet. Ew! I didn't know what it was, but I didn't care to stay in there much longer. We abandoned our search .

While the hour ticked by, the slaves that hadn't been sold yet were put back on the auction block. Since the missing slave had already been purchased, there were now seven bidders for four slaves. I was unable to find any help to move to Missouri with the funds that I had.

At the end of the hour, the one slave still hadn't been found. An announcement was made over the P.A. that the slave had attained freedom. If he could hear the announcement, come back to the room. A few minutes later, he walked back in. He said he had been hiding in the utility access closet, and someone had actually put their hand on his head. He had been running, and was sweaty. His sweaty, wet hair was what I had felt in the dark.

Mr. Bowser had a wrap up secession at the end of the class. We learned that the purchase of fellow human beings like they were livestock was wrong. We also learned that when someone has strong opinions about a matter, it is difficult to get them to see different. We also learned that escaping slaves could and would take drastic measures not to be recaptured.

I told my wife that I think that Mr. Bowser not only influenced my love of history, but also influenced my teaching style. In my Sunday School class, we role play quite a bit (the kids love it). I don't have those kids every day, like he had us, but if I can influence just one of them to dig a little deeper into The Word, or pique interest in a Bible story, it's well worth the dressing up and being silly.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Of Them "Duh Moments"

As I was driving home from church tonight, I got to thinking, "My two year blogging anniversary is coming up soon. I believe it was in October of 2008 when I started blogging." When I got home, I checked the date of my first post.


My blogiversary was back in August. I've posted 18 times since the date ("Have shear, will travel" was posted on the second year anniversary of my starting this blog).

At least It wasn't my wedding anniversary that I "misremembered".

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sword Of The Spirit

Each month my church recognises a man who has shown Godly leadership. Last month, that award was presented to me. A sword is used as a symbol of the spiritual armor we are to put on in Ephesians 6:10-18.

At the middle of last year, all the men were presented with a ceremonial prayer shawl (lovingly crafted by my wonderful wife). At the beginning of this year, we were also given a covenant to sign. It states:

By the grace of God I will be faithful...

In regular church attendance.

To the Prayer room before service and personal prayer life.

To prayer at the altar after service both personally and for others.

To regular Bible reading and study.

In praise and worship in spirit and truth.

In tithes and offerings.

In the physical upkeep of the church

In the reverence of the house of God.

In leading as the head of my household.

In separation and holiness.

In living and promoting the spirit of unity and cooperation.

In living and promoting fellowship & hospitality.

In sharing my faith by teaching Bible studies and witnessing.

In sharing my faith by teaching my family in leadership through Bible studies.

In finding and fulfilling a personal ministry.

Saturday, we stopped by Jo-Mongous Fabric store and found everything to make an attractive wall mount for it all. Pictured below is the framed covenant, the prayer shawl and the Sword of the Spirit award.

This hangs in our living room, visible to all who enter Castle Nottaguy. My wife (who is quite the Bible scholar) wanted to fashion a hanger for the sword out of a three fold cord (see Ecclesiastes 4:12) of blue, red and gold.

She said that since the sword is symbolic, we might as well go all out with symbolism. The blue represents purity. The red represents the blood of Christ. The gold represents heaven. The sword can also be easily taken down to take to church every month when a new recipient is named.

This award wasn't given because of what was lived in the past. It represents a call to right living and faithfulness. There have been times recently that I felt very undeserving. I cannot change the past. I can change the future. With God's help, I plan to do that.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Flashback Friday # 107

My Enemy Becomes My Friend

Hello. Thanks for stopping by and spending a few minutes in my corner of the Internet. In today's edition of Flashback Friday we look into the interesting phenomena of how two people who couldn't stand each other become best friends.

In the school district that I went to (K-12) there were two Elementary schools and kids from these two schools came together in Jr. High. I had made some new friends from the Elementary. One of these friends was Jeb. We got along very well. there was only one problem. Jeb had a friend from Elementary that I couldn't stand, and he wasn't none too thrilled with Jeb having a new friend.

This kid's name was Bart. Bart was a brat. In fact, several people called him that. Whenever I would be talking to Jeb on the playground, Bart would come up behind me an smack the back of my head and race off. Since he was quicker than I was (me being a fatboy), I was never able to catch him. He would whack me, scamper off and laugh like a hyena. This went on all through 7th grade.

8th grade wasn't much better. Then something changed. Several months after school started, we had a new kid move to our school. Jim Olympus was the kid's name. He was in my home room, and since he got to school after lockers were assigned, he needed a locker. I was one of the lucky few that didn't have to share a locker. I volunteered to share my locker with him.

I found out after a few days, that this decision wasn't one of my better ones. Jim was a bit of an odd bird. I guess his folks moved around a lot. He was one of those kids who didn't fit into any category. I tried to make friends with him, but I guess I wasn't the type of person he wanted to hang with.

He started hanging with Derrick, one of the biggest hoods in school. Derrick was just plain creepy. He would be in trouble his entire school career. Jim liked Derrick so much that he offered to share his locker with him. I came in from lunch recess one day to find all my stuff sitting outside the locker with all of Derrick's stuff in it's place.

The first person to come up to me while I was trying to gather up my stuff was Bart. Great, Just what I need. I was sure he was going to get a big kick out of this.

Then he surprised me. He asked what happened. He wasn't gloating or anything. he seemed genuinely concerned. I told him that Jim had asked Derrick to share his locker, which in fact was MY locker. He said that he had had the unfortunate luck to be Derrick's locker mate. If I wanted to move in, I could. So I did.

Two enemies became friends because they now had a common enemy. Derrick "borrowed" things and Bart wasn't happy about it. Jim threw me out, I wasn't happy. We plotted our revenge.

Since I knew the combination, their locker was stacked at least once a week. We often picked trash up from the playground and deposited it in the locker. Walnuts from the tree at the schoolyard boundary found their way into the locker. One would watch while the other wreaked vengeance. We kept this up all year. Jim had no clue as to where I had moved my stuff. We would get together and laugh our heads off. This brought us closer than either of had been with Jeb. Jeb was still our friend, but now we were best friends.

We've kept our friendship all throughout High School & beyond. He was instrumental in getting me into church (but that is another story for another day). Here is a picture of us from last Sunday.

I'm on the left and Bart is on the right. This is why you don't see many pictures of me on my blog. I'm not very photogenic.