Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday #230

I Didn't Tell Him

Hello. Welcome back for another serving of memories. One nice thing about them is no matter how many you enjoy, there's no calories.

Anyway, in my last post about my love life, I told you that I started hanging with Kelly Stump again. I think I should have beaten my head against a stump. I really wasn't too bright.I guess I didn't want to see the bad she emanated.

Sir Gattabout had come home on leave from the army. He had seen most of his friends and wanted to know if I wanted to go have some fun. He wanted to go to the skating rink. I should have turned him down flat. The skating rink was nothing but bad news for me ever since I fractured my ankle there.

Anyway, shortly after we decided to go, Kelly called and asked if I was doing anything later on. I told her that Gattabout & I were going to the skating rink. "Oh, Can I go too?" she asked. I hollered over at Gattabout and asked if it was OK with him. He had no problem, so I told her that we'd pick her up shortly.

When we got to Kelly's house, I found out that she hadn't asked her folks if she could go. When she asked her dad if she could go, he said "No. I don't want you in a car full of boys." (Looking  back, and as a dad with daughters, I now realize that he was a smart man) Well, we turned and headed back to the car and Kelly walked out with us.

She said to me after Gattabout got in the car "Your brother is really cute. I'm sleeping out in the front yard in a tent tonight. Tell him to stop by and I'll make it worth his trouble." Really? I don't think so. What is it going to take to completely figure out that Kelly is no good?

Thursday, April 25, 2013


An amateur rugby player put out a YouTube video of his trick kicking. This video lead to a contract by the Detroit Lions. Too cool.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flashback Friday #229

A Real "Shock"-er Of A Season

Welcome back. I've got a treat for  you if you've ever been a fan of High School sports. I never played any sports (Mom was afraid that I'd get hurt), but I sure liked to root for those that played. Like the principal in "Grease" says "If you can't be athletic, be an athletic supporter".

My school always had a good basketball team. They had won several Mid-Ohio Conference titles. This year, the team was a lot better than normal. They finished the year with a 23-3 record. It was the best record ever. Coach Shock was voted as MOC coach of the year. Two of our players were voted to the MOC 1st team. Two others were named Honorable Mention MOC. One of them was named MOC player of the year.

With a record like that, of course they made the tournament. The first win was against the Utica Redskins. The next was a sectional win over The Big Walnut Eagles. The third tournament win was against the St. Charles Cardinals. Our team had never been this deep in tournament play before.

We played in the district finals against the Hebron-Lakewood   Lancers. The lancers were ahead by two. One of our guys lobbed a 15 foot jumper with one second left. Swish, nothing but net and the game was tied at the end of regulation. We won in overtime by 1 point.

This lead to a trip to Dayton to play the Dayton-Dunbar Wolverines. The wolverines were highly favored to win because they were an AA school that should have been AAA. Near the end of the game we were up by four points when a shower of cups. papers & other trash began to rain down from the stands. The referees called the game with two seconds left.

The regional finals were next. A victory here would send us to the Championship game. The opponent this time was the Hamilton-Ross Rams. Once again, at the end of regulation, the score was tied. In overtime the Rams won 59-57. They also went on to win the state championship.

Since I couldn't afford to travel all over the state to attend the games, I had to listen to them on the radio. Since we lived out in the country, the only station that we could tune into that carried the games was WMVO in nearby Mt. Vernon. However, the only radio that would pick up the station was a transistor radio that I had. To make it more difficult to listen to, the only place that the radio would pick up the game was in my parents bedroom. I had to sit on their bed to hear the games. I remember vividly listening to each & every game of the tournament and the feeling of disappointment over the two point loss.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flashback Friday #228

From The Yearbook

Welcome back. I don't have much time, so I thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures from my Sophomore yearbook. The first one is my High School Principal, Mr. Tenpins. His picture was "decorated" by the Senior class clown.

The next picture is proof that I had the nastiest hair growing out after a botched haircut. This is a month or so afterward. i did what I could to make it look presentable. I failed.

This is my WORST High School yearbook picture.

Monday, April 8, 2013


There have been some dandy signs around here recently. Here's a few of the more memorable.

This is at the High School. Is it any wonder kids are confused these days?

A prankster removed the three zeroes after the seven. I promise you that it wasn't me.

A local store was moving things around and I took this picture before they had a chance to change the sign. It looks like meat isn't the only thing that they were smoking.

We had a problem with the urinals at work, so they taped them off.
I don't know if you can read it,
 but the one on the left has
 "I peed in the sink" written on it. The one on the right has
"I peed on the floor" written on it.
Continuing with bathroom humor, this note was left on a stall in the men's room at work. It says "Out to work. Be back in 15 minutes. If needed, text me Doug.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Flashback Friday #227

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Hello all. Welcome to another post filled with people you don't know. In last week's post my girlfriend, Toni, broke up with me. I don't know about you, but when I'm down, I look to something familiar to comfort me. That's exactly what I turned to after our break up.

I called Kelly Stump and asked if she wanted to go skating Friday night. If you are familiar at all with my Flashback Friday posts, you know that Kelly Stump is bad news. Add to the bad location of the skating rink set things up for real trouble.

Her drove us to the rink. He said he would pick us up at 9 PM when the rink closed. I didn't skate much, but Kelly did. She reminded me of a roller derby chick.When she would come in for a rest, she  sit close to me and whisper things in my ear.

When her dad picked us up, she nearly sat on my lap on the ride home. I could see her dad glancing at us in the rear view mirror. I wanted to make sure I didn't do anything to upset him. Kelly didn't care. I think she was trying to upset him.

When we got to my house. There was a note from Mom saying that she and Dad had gone to Westerville to work overtime on third shift. Dad was allowed to work on third shift, even though he wasn't a permanent Epro employee, because there weren't many who would. There were many things there he could do. This meant that they wouldn't be home until late Saturday morning.

Kelly saw this as a wonderful opportunity. She told he dad "This old house is really spooky. Would it be alright if I spent the night so he won't be afraid?" My jaw nearly hit the ground. I couldn't believe she had asked that. Obviously, neither did her dad. "No, you're not spending the night. Get in the car and lets go." was his reply.

I told myself that I really needed to be done with Kelly. Unfortunately, I didn't listen.