Monday, April 8, 2013


There have been some dandy signs around here recently. Here's a few of the more memorable.

This is at the High School. Is it any wonder kids are confused these days?

A prankster removed the three zeroes after the seven. I promise you that it wasn't me.

A local store was moving things around and I took this picture before they had a chance to change the sign. It looks like meat isn't the only thing that they were smoking.

We had a problem with the urinals at work, so they taped them off.
I don't know if you can read it,
 but the one on the left has
 "I peed in the sink" written on it. The one on the right has
"I peed on the floor" written on it.
Continuing with bathroom humor, this note was left on a stall in the men's room at work. It says "Out to work. Be back in 15 minutes. If needed, text me Doug.

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