Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday #230

I Didn't Tell Him

Hello. Welcome back for another serving of memories. One nice thing about them is no matter how many you enjoy, there's no calories.

Anyway, in my last post about my love life, I told you that I started hanging with Kelly Stump again. I think I should have beaten my head against a stump. I really wasn't too bright.I guess I didn't want to see the bad she emanated.

Sir Gattabout had come home on leave from the army. He had seen most of his friends and wanted to know if I wanted to go have some fun. He wanted to go to the skating rink. I should have turned him down flat. The skating rink was nothing but bad news for me ever since I fractured my ankle there.

Anyway, shortly after we decided to go, Kelly called and asked if I was doing anything later on. I told her that Gattabout & I were going to the skating rink. "Oh, Can I go too?" she asked. I hollered over at Gattabout and asked if it was OK with him. He had no problem, so I told her that we'd pick her up shortly.

When we got to Kelly's house, I found out that she hadn't asked her folks if she could go. When she asked her dad if she could go, he said "No. I don't want you in a car full of boys." (Looking  back, and as a dad with daughters, I now realize that he was a smart man) Well, we turned and headed back to the car and Kelly walked out with us.

She said to me after Gattabout got in the car "Your brother is really cute. I'm sleeping out in the front yard in a tent tonight. Tell him to stop by and I'll make it worth his trouble." Really? I don't think so. What is it going to take to completely figure out that Kelly is no good?

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