Monday, May 6, 2013

Flashback Friday #231


A Meeting With Mr. Gillette, Mr.Remington & Mr. Schick .

Welcome all. I tried to post this earlier using my phone. It didn't work, so here's the rest of the story.

One day I was approached in the school hallway by Mr. Tenpins, the principal. He informed me that I needed to have a meeting with Mr. Gillette, Mr. Remington & Mr. Schick. I thought I knew all of the teachers,but I didn't know who those men were. I must have had an extremely puzzled look on my face because Mr. Tenpins explained who those people were.

Our school dress code forbade facial hair of any kind. It causes a "distraction".These men that Mr. Tenpins mentioned were razor manufacturers. He was telling me that I needed to shave. I had a moustache that was slowly making it's presence noticed. He told me that if I didn't shave I would be looking at a suspension.

I told Dad about our conversation when I got home. He immediately picked up the phone and called the school to talk to Mr. Tenpins. When he got him on the line, he exploded. He said he didn't understand why a student's facial hair would be a distraction, but a faculty member's wouldn't (a picture of Mr. Tenpins can be found here). He called Mr. Tenpins "A bald-headed baboon" and threatened to go to the school and dry shave him. I told Dad to calm down, and that I'd shave to comply with the rules. He was still really mad.

The next day, Mr. Tenpins made sure to check to see if I met the dress code. I did. He asked if my dad would do the things that he threatened. I told him not to put anything past my dad.

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