Monday, February 25, 2013

Flashback Friday #222

The Really Bad Hair Cut

Greetings. Welcome to another edition of Flashback Friday. Yeah, I realize it's not Friday, again.
Anyway, this post is about the worst haircut that I ever had in my life.

Mom told me that I needed to get my hair cut. By the time my parents got home from work, the barbershop in Marengo was closed. Mom had an idea. If I got off the bus as it was going through Marengo, I could get my hair cut, then hang out in town until they came to pick me up. It sounded like a good idea.

I got off the bus in Marengo (I had to bring a note from home to do so) and walked over to the barber. There were three guys ahead of me. Seeing this was the only barbershop in town, you either waited or went to one of the many "beauty shops". I'll wait, thank you.

Well, I had heard the barber tell one of the customers that he was planning on leaving for vacation as soon as he finished out his day. He seemed excited about where he was going, but I don't remember the local. Once I got into the chair, he walked over and flipped the "OPEN" sign to "CLOSED". I was the only thing standing between him and his trip.

He asked if I parted my hair on the left. If you know me in real life, you know that I have trouble distinguishing left from right because of a teacher that really confused the entire class in kindergarten. So I said :Right". He didn't ask if I meant "correct" or "right side". He just started cutting away, even thought he could plainly see that it was parted on the left (the mirror didn't help matters, it only made it more confusing).

By the time he was done, it looked like he had taken a weed whacker to my hair. I paid him and he just about beat me out the door. All I had to do was to wait for my folks to pick me up.

When Mom got there, she said "My God, What did you do to your hair?" She told me to get in the car and she drove right over to her beautician to see if she could do anything with my hair. After studying it for a few minutes, she began to cut. By the time she was finished, my hair was a lot shorter than I had intended it to be. What was worse, it was only two weeks later that school pictures were taken. In my opinion, it was my absolute worse school picture.

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