Saturday, February 9, 2013

Flashback Friday #220

A New 10 Speed

Hello, welcome to another dose of Flashback Friday. If you're young, it's a tonic to let you see that you don't have it as bad as you think.

My last post dealt with me getting my learner's permit. So why would I write about getting a new bike in my next? Even though I was a beginning driver, I was an experienced bike rider. The bike I was currently using was also a ten speed, but it had no brakes. How do you stop a ten speed with no brakes? You drag your foot. The only problem with this is that eventually your "brake shoes" begin to wear out due to the constant friction.

Since I helped both of my parents on the weekends, they decided that to show their gratitude, they would buy me a new bike (I had to wonder if buying a new bike was cheaper than buying new shoes?). We went to Gold Circle in Westerville (where we bought everything) and picked out a bike. My old bike was yellow. MY new bike was blue. The only thing I didn't like about the new bike was the decal on the middle bar. It said "Spectrum" and had polka dots running the color spectrum. I used a utility knife to cut the decal between the words & the dots (I thought the dots looked too "girly").

This bike made many a trip to Toni's house. I would get home from school, get my chores done, then hop on my bike and head to Toni's. That bike practically could find it's way there by itself. Usually Dad would drive over and we would put the bike into the Pinto and head back home. If you laid the back seat down, you could get quite a bit in that car.

Toni & I rode bike quite a bit. He didn't get along too well with her mom. If her mom was home when I got there, we usually went bike riding just to give Toni some time away from her. It also gave us time to smooch, which we couldn't do if her mom was around.

I never rode this bike to school. Since I was going to the high school now, it was a lot farther away than the three miles to my elementary. It's probably closer to ten miles from my house to school. Riding the bus was easier.

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