Friday, February 15, 2013

Flashback Friday #221

The #1 Reason That I Disliked Miss Hubbabubba

Greetings to all. Welcome to another Flashback Friday. Surprise, surprise. I actually posted it on a FRIDAY!

Those of you that have read this blog for a while (and are still awake) know of Miss Hubbabubba. I said that there were three things that really set me against her. First, There was an unwarranted detention. Second, she stole my magazine. This last item is what really put me over the edge.

The class I had her for, wasn't choir (of which she was the choir director) but prison, er, study hall. If you have taken the time to read the two linked stories, you can see what a delightful person she was. Not only was she unpleasant, I think it was her calling to make the lives of those around her unpleasant as well.

On her seating chart, we were all listed alphabetically. It would have been nice to be able to sit where you wanted, but that would be pleasant, so not doable. However, My girlfriend, Toni & I had the same last initial. Even better, there was nobody between our names, so we got to sit next to each other. Uh, oh. Pleasant. This must not be.

Somehow, Miss Hubbabubba found out that we were going together. She even came right up to us and said "I heard you were going together. I'll have to find a different seating arrangement." She then moved Toni clear to the other side of the room. She even made sure she wasn't facing my direction. I think she may have been a cobra in a different life because she was totally venomous.

Well, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. That moved her to the very top of my list, with a bullet. If she was ever hit by a bus, I probably would have been the driver. Her actions had further ramifications  later on that proved to be unpleasant ( which she really enjoyed).

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