Friday, November 30, 2012

Flashback Friday #213

Lying To Dad

Welcome to all my faithful readers and the poor misguided souls that happen to stumble upon my drivel.

As I have said in many posts past, my "Dark Years" were some of the worst years of my life. I had sunken so far that I even tried to get away with lying to my dad. What was even worse was that I almost got away with it.

I had told you earlier that I would tell you more about Miss Hubbabubba. She was the new choir teacher, and she was most disagreeable. It truly was "Her way or the highway". I wasn't in choir, but i had the misfortune of being in a study hall with her as the warden, er, overseer, er, person in charge. In study halls, they encourage you to study. In her study hall you were to sit absolutely quiet. Read, study or sleep, whatever, as long as you were silent. This study hall was in the cafeteria, next to the library. There was more noise in the library, and that was no exaggeration.

We were given some math homework a few classes earlier and I decided to work on it during this time. However, there was a problem. I didn't remember the page numbers that were assigned. Bart was also in this study hall with me, but since we were all sitting alphabetically, he was across the aisle and up a table. We both sat on the end seats facing the center aisle. I tried to write big on my notebook to ask him the assignment. He couldn't read my message, so I raised my hand to ask if I could ask Bart what the assignment was. You would have thought I had ask if I could fill her car up with cow patties. She twisted her face and bleated that nobody was to talk.

Well, I came up with another way to communicate. I took the large message that I had written, crumpled it up, and rolled it across the floor to where Bart was sitting. She bellowed "I saw it fly! Head to the office Mr. Nottaguy!" First of all, it rolled, therefore it didn't fly. secondly, I thought we were supposed to do homework in study halls, what gives?

I went down to the office where I sat in the company of five others that had offended her in some way. At the end of class, she came down and gave us all detention slips. I don't know how your detentions worked, but ours meant that you had to stay after school for an hour. Hello, I ride the bus and live several miles away. How am I supposed to get home? That wasn't her concern. I shouldn't have been throwing paper wads in her class. Trying to reason with her was like trying to pick oranges off a walnut tree. It was fruitless.BTW- I got the assignment from Bart in the following class, so I had something to work on during detention.

After the end-of-school bell rang, I dutifully marched down to the detention room where I once again met the five others facing the same punishment as me. I had an hour to come up with a way to get home. The I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea. i was in so many clubs & groups that met after school, I could tell my folks that I had forgotten to tell them about one and they would come and pick me up. That's exactly what I did.

Dad picked up the phone when I called. I told him that I had forgotten about this meeting and needed a ride home. He said he'd head right out to get me. When he picked me up, he asked about the meeting. I gave him details from a media club meeting earlier in the year. I got home, did my chores, and figured that I had gotten off scot free. Seeing that this was during my "Dark Years", I didn't feel bad about it. The end justified the means.

That weekend, One of Aunt Shelly's kids, Skeeter, was spending the weekend with us. In Mom's hearing, he asked how I got home from detention. Mom wasn't pleased at all that I had gotten detention and then lied about it. i got quite the lecture from her. She gave me an ultimatum, "Either you tell your dad what you did, or I will." I confessed to him what I had done. He simply said "You disappointed me." and walked away. I think I would have rather had a beating.

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