Friday, November 9, 2012

Flashback Friday #210

The Walls of MY Room

Hello. It's good to see you again. In my last post, I was describing my room. It this post, I'll describe what was on the walls of my room.

Seeing that I was a teenage boy with raging hormones, there were all the posters you would expect to see in that time period.What teenage boy didn't have the Farrah Fawcett  poster on his wall? Millions of them were sold. I got mine at the county fair by throwing darts. I got most of my large posters that way. I also had posters of Cheryl Tiegs, Bo Derek, and Linda Carter.

I also had several non-swimsuit posters on my wall. Sir Gattabout left several posters hanging, and I didn't bother to take them down. Among these was an Elton John poster depicting "Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy" from the album of the same title. There were also several black light posters. He also left his black light, so those were really neat. Since this was my "Dark Years" I had snuck a couple of posters in the house that were drug related. Since my folks rarely came up to my room, and when they did, didn't pay attention to the decorations, I felt safe. One said "Roll Your Own" depicting a guy rolling another guy in a tire(Yeah, right). The other had the Jolly Green Giant puffing a doobie. The elves that worked in his vally were rolling joints for him and the caption said "I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends".

Gattabout had also had sketched out the British flag on the sloping ceiling. He was big into British music for awhile. He intended to paint it. It never happened. I didn't bother painting it either, I just left it there.

In addition to the big posters, there were several smaller pictures. There was a "TV Guide" type magazine that we got every week that had good pictures on the cover. When it was ready to go in the trash, I would cut out the picture and hang it on the wall. I had about 20 or so of these. I also had several pictures that were lifted out of magazines. I also had an Artex (fabric paint in a tube) picture of a fluorescent pink caveman holding a flower that said "I Wuv Yu". There was also a framed picture of the Batmobile that I had gotten many moons before at a car show.

I had mentioned the black light, but there was also another interesting light. I had my grandfather's shop clock hanging on the wall. This clock also had a fluorescent light. The timer in the light needed replaced, making the light to flicker incessantly when on. Turn the black light on, then turn the shop light on and sit back and enjoy the mind-blowing light show.

I wish I still had that shop light. Not only because it belonged to grandpa, but it would be really useful in my basement. And yes, I would replace the timer. I'm not into mind-blowing anymore thankyouverymuch.

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