Monday, November 26, 2012

Flashback Friday #212

The Text Book

Greetings all. Yeah, I know. I'm late. Real late. This has been a crazy weekend. Nevertheless, the post needs to be written, so here it is.

In 10th grade, I had a history class. It was a normal history class, except there was one exception. This was the final year that the particular history text book was being used. Next year, new books would be purchased. Our teacher told us that as long as we turned in the cover, we could do anything we wanted to do with the book.

This created a world of possibilities for someone with an imagination. Paper airplanes would be one thing I could do with it. Toilet paper? Nah. Then Bart & I came up with the greatest challenge. We would caption each & every picture in the book and compare them to each other to see who had the funniest caption.

I know this happened during my "Dark Years" because some of the words used in the captions wouldn't make it in a "G" rated film. "PG or PG-13" perhaps, but never "G". There were also a lot of captions that wouldn't be considered "Politically Correct".

Well, by the end of the year, every picture had been captioned (some twice) and in the head-to-head competition, I had more winning captions than Bart did. We turned the text books in, captions & all. There were a couple of guys that did just as the teacher asked. They brought him the cover, and nothing else.

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