Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flashback Friday # 190

Extra Credit Assignment

Greetings, One & all. As you can see, I'm a day late. I'll explain why in my next post.

Have you ever had to do extra credit work for a teacher? Maybe write a report or do some research? I wish this story was as simple as that.

I thought that this happened at the end of my Sophomore year, but looking at a yearbook, I realized it happened at the end of my Freshman year. We'll need to take a few steps back on our timeline.

We had a choir/ensemble teacher at our school named Miss Rivers. She hadn't been out of college very long when she got the job at our school. She had done an amazing job with all the various choirs. However, no matter how god of a job she did, she wasn't to be rehired. We didn't know this at the end of my Freshman year.

At the beginning of my Sophomore year, When we got to school, Miss Rivers wasn't there. She had been replaced by Miss Hubbabubba (that was really a name that many of the students called her when speaking about her, but not directly to her). What had happened to Miss Rivers? We found out later via the grapevine (aka little sister).

Miss Rivers had a prize student, Jim Spider, a Senior. He had won many awards at the state level. That wasn't all he had won. He had won Miss River's heart. Miss Rivers was in love with him. We had heard that right after graduation, they got married. Apparently, voice wasn't the only lesson that she was teaching him. I guess we know what his extra credit assignment was. I never heard whether there were any legal ramifications from the incident.

More about Miss Hubbabubba in future posts since she was a major thorn in my side.

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