Saturday, June 16, 2012

Like a Gerbil on an Exercise Wheel

I told you that I'd explain why the "Flashback Friday" post was late this week. It had something to do with being at church every night this week.

On Sunday we had our normal Sunday School in the morning, the Sunday Worship service Sunday night.

Monday through Thursday we had VBS. I had been asked to play the part of gameshow host Wade Winnalot (my wife really liked the fact that I would have to shave every night for this character. Usually I only shave 2-3 times a week). Our theme was "Studio Go" and every night I asked questions about the bible story to three randomly chosen VBS kids and Coach Armstrong & Professor Wordsmart (these were silly, bumbling characters played by two of our other church folk). By the time I got home from VBS, I was whooped (seeing that I also had put in eight hours at the factory beforehand).

Friday, the State Finals for Jr. Bible Quizzing began. I took a vacation day off from work, since quizzing started at Noon, and I don't get off until 3 PM. It helps if the head scorekeeper is present during the quizzes. After going through the first bracket, we all partook in a big cookout. As the cookout was winding down, several games were played with all the quizzers who wished to participate. A candy rain was held shortly thereafter.

As all this was wrapping up, we were ushered inside for a Holy Ghost rally with Br. Wil Rowland. He is hilarious! Here is a Youtube clip of him and his friend "Sunshine".

After the alarm went off at 6:30 AM Saturday morning, my wife & I got ready for more quizzing. We went out for breakfast and were at the church by nine. Although things didn't shake out as we had hoped (the home teams, including the one with "The Boy", were knocked out early. When the dust settled, Toledo once again ruled supreme. However, there were major shake ups in the 2-4 slots. 2nd place went to a first year team, Hilliard. Two of the kids on that team are children of a former assistant Sunday School teacher of mine. 3rd place went to Zanesville, another fairly new team. 4th went to Columbus, which had won a tournament this year and is Nationally known.. Missing from the top teams was Dublin, which also had won one of the tournaments this year.

After all the quizzing was finished, all the officials went out for some food & fellowship. After consuming more than we should have at the local Mexican restaurant, I had to make a run out to the store where $1 will buy anything in the store. I had to get some "Fabulous Prizes" to be given away tomorrow, as our custom at the church, for Father's Day. I've won some of them in the past. I've won a tie, money, and a lock.

I am now thoroughly exhausteded. I'm heading to bed so I'll be ready to go to church again tomorrow.

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