Saturday, June 9, 2012

Family Fun at the Hospital

You may ask, "How can someone have fun at a hospital?" The answer is when the hospital is opening up a new building and is showing it off t o all the employees and their families. The Ogre works at a large, well-known children's hospital in Columbus, and we got to tag along with her to the party.

As we were coming in, the Saints Drumline was getting ready to perform, near the entrance. This is a group that is dedicated to keeping kids off the street & out of trouble. Some of the drummers weren't old enough for kindergarten yet. They were phenomenal. I took a short video of them with my phone, but I'm not yet able to figure out how to get it from my phone to my blog. Here's a Youtube video of them:

There were also jugglers walking through the crowd on stilts.

You could also pose to get a caricature picture of you drawn. Here is a picture of the Ogre & the boy:

The girl got her face painted while Mommy & Bubby were getting sketched. It's a butterfly, if you couldn't make it out.

There were also fun things for the kids to do, like zip-line, which the Boy enjoyed.

There were also bouncy houses, kids games, and you could go through the various emergency vehicles. The kids also got to meet Ronald McDonald, who was there on behalf of the Ronald McDonald house, which also got a new addition.

There was a tour of the new facility that was decorated with kids in mind. There is an area just off the main entrance called the magic forest that the kids had a blast in.

We also came across a large aquarium that had The Girl mesmerized.

When it was time to leave, several of us fell asleep on the way home. If you know me, I have to be VERY tired to sleep in a car. Thankfully, The woodsman (who was driving) wasn't one of them. I was told that there was quite the chorus of snores coming from the back of the vehicle.

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