Friday, June 8, 2012

Flashback Friday #189

No Honor Among Thieves

Greetings. Sorry I haven't posted this week. It's been a little crazy around here.I just wanted to let you know that the dreaded "Facebook" hasn't devoured me. Not even there. I also am less than enamoured about the changes that Google has made to Blogger. I really have to muddle my way around to post something. :-(

I was reading an article recently that brought back a memory that I don't think I've shared yet. The article dealt with a guy who was stealing brass burial markers from the graves of veterans and selling the brass as scrap. The story I'm about to tell is just as bad, so you may want to take a break and get a cold drink to keep your blood from boiling.

It was around a national holiday (Veterans Day or July 4th, I don't remember which) and I had a couple small American flags that I was going to adorn my bike with. I had gotten them in Elementary school during an assembly. When Rotten Little Crook saw me with them, he asked if he could have one.

"No" I replied. "I got these from school. Get some of your own. They sell them at the store in town." He mumbled something and ambled off. I didn't think anything else about it.

Later in the day, I saw him with not one or two flags, but with at least a dozen. His folks weren't home from work yet, so I know he hadn't gone into town. "Where did you get the flags?" I asked. His replied floored me. "Over at the cemetery." he said. "What!?!?" I gasped. "You've got to be kidding me. That's sick!" He said "Ain't nobody over there using them.." and he walked on past me down the road.

I never did find out whether his folks made him take them back. Since their motto was "Finders Keepers", I doubt if they did.

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