Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Won Another Major Award

Sunday (which was also Father's Day) each of our church's dads received a gift. There were also a few select dads who received "special" gifts. Two of our ministers who have warped senses of humor (I count them as prodigies) give "fabulous prizes" to certain nominated dads. The rules are simple, once you win, you can't win another prize that year and if there is a tie, the elder gentleman wins. The question that I was nominated on was "Who is the most frugal dad, aka "cheap". The disclaimer was that this doesn't count toward grandchildren, only children.

When my wife was asked if I was cheap, she replied "Lord yes! He even had money in his wallet that molded once. (that is another story that some of you know). With that I won this "fabulous prize"

I was told to freely spend this. I was also told to pay my tithe on this. If I do, it will be with the cash I received. LOL

I didn't post this earlier because I've spent the last two day, after work, at my parents house, trying to unclog their kitchen sink. After running a 20 foot drain snake in it Monday with no luck, I resorted to cutting the line Tuesday. NASTY. NASTY. NASTY. The gray goop smelled like a hog barn and had white clumps in it. I think it was grease that had gone rancid. I'm glad that is one job that is done!

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Jewel said...

Congrats on the award, think? :-)
Hey, Daniel had that very same play money and money drawer when he was little. I believe it is packed away somewhere now with his other belongings. He always loved play money!