Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashback Friday #90

Beneath the linoleum

A fond hello to the faithful few who tune in every Friday to read the mundane postings of an old guy who waxes nostalgic.

In Flashback Friday #59 I mentioned that my bedroom floor began to sag under the weight of a pool table. It is never good when your floor sags. Dad realized that it had to be replaced, so I cleared everything out( a monumental task at that) and Dad got to tearing out the old floor.

The floor was covered with linoleum. It was blue with red & yellow flowers with black stems. It was very old. So was the padding underneath. We knew exactly how old the padding was, because it was dated.

The padding used was old newspapers. They were from 1945. To me it was a treasure trove of old reading. Stories of WWII (still in progress), box scores from baseball games of the '45 season, old Sunday funny pages. It was great. There was a downside to it.

The downside was, my dad wasn't the student of history that I am. To him it was just a bunch of old papers that were in the way. He wanted to toss them out immediately. I stacked them neatly in a corner. I hid the comics for future reading.

The next day, the newspapers were gone. I did still have the comics that were hidden. I read of characters that I had never heard of before. Little Iodine. The Katzenjammer Kids. Gasoline Alley. Dick Tracy. Nany & Sluggo. Comic page heroes from a bygone day. It was great.

Did you ever find anything unexpected in a very unexpected place?

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Jewel said...

I like going to the library and reading the old newspapers on microfilm in the genaology room. So interesting!
I felt sorry for you when I read that the newspapers were gone. :-( What would it have hurt to let you keep them? Well, at least you still had the comics! :-)