Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ohio Quizzing State Finals

Yesterday, the 2010 Ohio Jr. Bible Quizzing season came to an end. Like all quizzing tournaments, there were some very good matches & a few blow-outs. By the time they day was over, the team from Toledo had been crowned as champs by going undefeated.

The team from Dublin came in second, and the team from Harrison Hills came in third.

This is a picture of the all tournament team. Each year five quizzers are honored, with two more being honored at the highest scoring quizzers of the tournament. The young man at top left in this picture was the highest scorer of the tournament. He had an average score of 108.5 points per quiz. That is pretty amazing, seeing that after you answer six questions correct, the rules state you are to be removed from the game.

I've worked as an official with the Ohio Jr. Bible Quizzing program so long that some of the kids that were quizzers are now in college or married. It is a truly great program. How can you go wrong by encouraging kids to put the Word of God in their hearts & minds?

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Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

It is an awesome program, indeed. Too bad we don't live in Ohio!!

Mrs. NB