Thursday, June 10, 2010

From Sharpe Minds...

Yesterday,at work, we got a notice that one of our customer's were unhappy with some of the exhaust parts they received from us. It was a dual pipe, and there was a sharp point in the v joint (where one pipe branches to become two pipes).

A supervisor gave me a certified label that had to go on each container of those parts that we ship out in the near future. It certified that there was no (and I quote) "SHARPE POINT @ V JOINT". He told me the @ must be like that because there wasn't enough space to spell out the word "at". The phrase was one character too long for the label program on the computer.

I looked at the label and asked "How about if you just spell "sharp" correctly? "There's no "e" in sharp unless you are talking about ESPN sportscaster Shannon Sharpe.

The silence that followed was deafening.

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Jewel said...

Classic. Loved it! Don't you know you aren't supposed to question anything? Or at least that is what the "higher-ups" think.