Friday, June 18, 2010

Flashback Friday # 92

Do I have to take a bath if there's no school tomorrow?

A warm and hearty welcome to all who have stopped by. By now, I'm assuming that all schools have let out for the summer. This story tells of a true story about my cousin "Munch" and his belief that if there was no school, there should be no baths.

One day, I paid a visit to Aunt Shelly's house. Summer vacation had started. It meant time to get together with my closest bunch of cousins. When I got there, they were playing football in the front yard.

We were playing 4 on 4. You could rush the quarterback after counting one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three. It was tackle, so you could both run or pass (touch football negates the running game). During the game, we all noticed and unusual aroma.

When someone asked what it was, "Munch" laughed and said it was probably him. Since there was no school, he didn't worry about getting cleaned up. He hadn't bathed in over a week. Worse yet, he also hadn't changed clothes during the same time.

His older brothers told him he need a bath. He told them that they weren't his boss. He would bathe only when he felt like i, or when his mom made him. "Fine, be that way." he was told. During the next huddle, his brothers (on the opposing team) came up with an idea.

After running the play, one of the brothers called time out to "go to the bathroom". What wasn't known by all was that the brother had actually gone in and turned the outside faucet on. He also grabbed a bar of soap, and put it in his pocket.

When he got back, the next time "Munch" touched the ball, he was gang tackled and kept pinned to the ground. It was announced that "Munch" was going to get a bath right there in the front yard. While everyone else held him down, one brother turned on the hose and drenched him (and everyone holding him down). He was then generously lathered. They figured they would bathe him & wash his clothes at the same time. He fought like a wildcat & howled like a banshee.

Well, once he was soaped up, he was mighty difficult to hold on to. He broke free and let loose a string of expletives. He was told that they should have soaped his mouth too. He stomped off, to change out of his wet clothes.


Theresa said...

And that's not the only "Munch" story to which you folks will be treated! If Aunt Shelly's kids were involved in something that could be made fun of, Munch was usually in the middle of it. AND some things never change.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Too funny!! I had a cousin like that... one week he proudly put on a new pair of underware everyday. By the end of the week, he couldn't button his pants. Yep, he had on SEVEN pairs of underware!! He didn't bathe often, either.

Mrs. NB