Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback Friday #203

Meeting The Parents

Hello, one & all. Welcome back to another post of re-hashed memories. They're kind of like left-overs, but most of you have never heard them before.

Anyway, in my last FF, I told of finding a girlfriend (check that, she found me because I wasn't looking).Going with someone is one thing. Meeting her folks are totally different.I hold to the standard that a guy must love his significant other's mom and fear her dad. It wasn't like this at all with Toni's folks.

Toni's dad, Clete, was an easy-to get-along-with type of fellow. If he was any more laid back, he'd be laying down. His job was repairing stereos and other electronic equipment. He even had a small workroom in the basement, where he would work on things he brought home from work for rush jobs. He also had spent time in the Army during Vietnam.

Toni's mom, Fran, was totally different from her dad. Three gallons of crazy in a two gallon bucket. High strung doesn't even begin to describe her. One time she totally freaked out because a fly got into the house.She also was very critical about everything Toni and her dad did. She wasn't at that happy about moving from New Carlistle to Marengo. She let her husband know about it any time she could.

Toni also had a little brother, Chip, who was six years younger than her. There were times you didn't even know he was around. Other times, he channelled his mom. When he and his mother were both strung out at the same time, things were quite boisterous. He also was the spitting imagine of his mom, but in in the male gender.

I spent a lot of time at Toni's house. The best times were when her mom was away, which weren't very often because there was nothing to do in Marengo. Many time Clete offered to take Fran to Columbus with him. Her told her that she could have the car while he was at work. She told him that she hated driving in the city and would rather just stay home.

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