Friday, September 7, 2012

Flashback Friday # 201

At Least It Wasn't A Horse Head

Hello, Welcome to yet another post of stuff that happened years ago.

I had rambled recently about my love life (or lack thereof) as a Sophomore in High School. I recently remembered another story along the same lines that I have to add to the mix.

There was a girl that I was fond of, but she had no idea that I had feelings for her (what, you think I'm just going to walk up to her and tell her? Idon'tthinkso). I thought that perhaps a small gift might announce my feelings. We had some flowers growing in our yard, so I picked the prettiest one , wrapped the stem in a damp paper towel and placed it in a brown paper bag (so it wouldn't be conspicuous).

When I got to school, I purposely tarried at my locker until about 60 seconds before the bell rang. The hall was deserted, so I opened this girl's locker (nobody had locks) and put the flower in her locker. I was hoping she would find it and begin inquiring who may have left it.

What I didn't know was she took all of her books with her and didn't come back to her locker until the end of school. When she finally found the flower, it was rather limp and wilted. She said to her friend "Eeew, someone put a dead flower in my locker. Gross"

I figured that some things were better off left unsaid. She never discovered that I had feeling for her.

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