Monday, September 10, 2012

The Girl Can Be Funny

Being all of 3 1/2, my granddaughter, "The Girl" has quite a sense of humor. Perhaps she doesn't know it's funny. Perhaps she does, and this is only a precursor of things to come. Anyway, here are some of her gems:

While riding in the car with my wife,
The Girl-Where we goin'?
My Wife-To pick up your brother
The Girl- I tan't Nana. He's too big.

One day she went bug hunting and picked them up just to hear another little girl scream.

While watching the movie "Spirit" she said "I wuvs horseys so much. I need to get in dat moobie & ride."

One day she said "I all tired" and put herself to down for a nap in my big recliner.

While eating pizza rolls she was systematically cracking them open and sucking out the filling. She then ate the crusts. (her mom used to eat pizza one layer at a time; cheese, peperoni, lick off the sauce, eat the crust).

Her momma was also pretty clumsy, as is her daughter. I received a text from my wife saying that The Girl had fallen off of two chairs, fallen off the couch, tripped over her own feet, tripped over the dog and run into the corner of the stove (all in one morning). My wife put her down for a nap for safety reasons.

She really is a lot of fun as long as she doesn't live up to the nickname her family has given her,"The Monster" (that's only fitting, after all, since her mother is "The Ogre")

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