Friday, September 14, 2012

Flashback Friday # 202

The New Girl

Welcome back. Once again we look back over my shoulder to the things that happened 30+ years ago.

Recently, If you've been paying attention, you've noticed there have been many posts about my love life as a Sophomore. It really much to talk about, but it had been the subject of many posts. When I finally decided to stop worrying about having a steady, the most amazing thing happened.

It's not unusual to have kids move during school. However, being a rural school like we were, we didn't see a lot of it. There was a girl who moved from New Carlistle (over by Dayton) and became fast friends with Carol. I guess Carol felt sorry for me, because she talked me up mightily. I had seen this girl, but I hadn't spoken much to her (seeing that my self-esteem around females was in tatters). She was in a few of my classes.

I guess this girl kept her eye on me, checking out if I was all Carol had made me up to be. I had gotten to know her name (it was Toni) and she was easy enough to talk to. I still wasn't planning on asking ANYONE to be my girlfriend. Then I got a huge surprise.

One day in Home EC, Carol asked me a question. She wanted to know if Toni asked me, would I go with her? I replied "I've never been known to turn down a lady's request." I didn't realise that Toni was just around on the other side of the cabinet (there were six cooking areas in our Home EC room). She was pleased with my response.

So, when I stopped trying to get a girlfriend, one got me. There will be many other stories about Toni in future posts, since we were boyfriend/girlfriend/best friends with benefits throughout High School.

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