Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Summary

Here's some stuff that happened this week that I didn't get a chance to blog about.

Monday I took "The Boy" out to our local bike path. The two prior day had been very nice, but also very busy. I had promised him a trip to the path so he could get some time in with his chopper bike we bought for him at a yard sale.

I picked him up from school, swung by the house and loaded up the bikes, and off we went. It had been looking overcast most of the day, but wasn't supposed to rain until evening. On the way to the path, raindrops hit the windshield. I told "The Boy" that if started raining we would have to turn back, but a few sprinkles wouldn't deter us. He was fine with that. We rode a mile out, then a mile back (that's two miles for those of you who weren't counting). That's him pictured ahead of me in the picture below. As we were putting the bikes back in the truck, the rain began to fall steadily. Thank you Lord for letting me get that time in with my grandson.

Tuesday we cleaned in preparation for the small group Bible study we host monthly at our home. Wednesday we had it.

Thursday wasn't real good, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

Friday, I took off work (vacation day) and went to my parents house to take out old cabinets & install new cabinets. There was noting wrong with the old cabinet except that Mom is short and can't reach to the back of the counter. There is also limited counter space.

After Dad left to tend to a rental, Mom & I decided to leave the old cabinets and install the new ones at the other end of the kitchen. This necessitated moving out a spare refrigerator and a small chest freezer to the utility shed (which has electricity) and removing the kitchen table (which was actually a patio set). Nobody ever ate at the table, and it had become a catch all.

After the cabinets were installed, Dad came home. He wasn't too happy about the table being gone ("I like sitting at the table and eating." "When was the last time you did that? You always eat while watching TV"). I left about that time.

Saturday, I helped move a single mom at our church. Five of us men had all her "heavy stuff" moved in an hour and 15 minutes. "We are manly men" was the catch phrase. She said she could move the boxes throughout the week in her car. I then went to our local Habitat For Humanity Re-Store and bought a counter top for the cabinets I installed for Mom on Friday. After we cut it to size, this is what the finished product looked like:

Mom was ECSTATIC about her new kitchen. After I left, and was a few blocks from my house, I got a call from from my daughter,"The Ogre", stating that Grandma had told her that she could have the patio set if she wanted it. Would I please take her to got get it. So back to my parents I went again and picked up the set. Dad told me that I was right about "When Momma is happy, everybody is happy". I went home, finished the laundry that I had been doing here & there since Friday morning and headed off to the store with my wife. When we got back & put our purchases away, I went to bed.

Today, I am writing this post. We then have Sunday School, Will go out to eat, take a nap (YAY! I love naps) and we have our annual Singspiration tonight, were anyone get the oportunity to sing. Your all invited.

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Jewel said...

As if I wasn't tired BEFORE reading this post....I am even more tired now! Good grief! And I thought I tried to cram too much into one day! Sheesh!!!
But your mom's new cabinets and kitchen counter look great, sir!!! Good job!!
Tell the wife I said Hello!!! :-)