Friday, July 8, 2011

Flashback Friday # 144

Would You Like To Go To Church With Me?

Greeting friends. Welcome back for some more ramblings.

When I was young, I didn't attend church very often. There was a church about a mile down the road. Aunt Shelly & her kids went there. Every once in a great while my cousins would talk me into going with them. As you can tell from Flashback Friday #50, I didn't go often. Most of the time it was only if prizes were being given away.

When I was a Freshman, one of the Senior girls asked me to go to church with her. I knew her because her sister used to be married to my Aunt Bonnie's oldest son. After they divorced, she married a guy whose mother was very devout, and attended church frequently.I always thought Doris was cute. I really didn't care to go to church, but to spend time with her, sure, I'd go.

The first service I went to was a youth rally in Westerville. At Aunt Shelly's church, everyone was silent & somber. The folks made about as much noise as the folks in the graveyard beside the church. Not here. People shouted and danced in the aisle. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. There I met her pastor, who knew a couple of kids from my High School, even though his church was in Mt. Gilead.

Her home church was having a movie series on the end times. She invited me to each of these, and I went to them all. Their church was a small apartment over a store. You had to climb a large flight of stairs to get there. I can understand why they called it "The Upper Room". After the last movie in the series, Doris stopped going to church, so naturally I did too. I didn't think much about those few church services until about two years later (and that's a Flashback Friday all it's own, or maybe a few)

I didn't see much of Doris after that. I would see her in the hall by times. Whenever Sir Gattabout would come home on leave from the Army, Doris always made it a point to see him (I think she liked him all along). They last time I saw her was about 25 years ago on a delivery route through my hometown. She was tending bar at the local watering hole. How sad.

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