Friday, August 7, 2009

Flasback Friday #50

A Flashback Friday Sing-a-long

Hi folks and welcome to the golden post of Flashback Friday. In today's post we cover one of the things we all do, misinterpret song lyrics. Have you ever been crooning away at the top of your lungs with the song on the radio, and someone looks at you strange and says "That's not how that song goes."? Haven't we all. The following lyrics have either either been heard by me, or sung by me (I'm not telling which). Needless to say, I didn't do all of these. Come on everybody sing along with me.

The first song comes from Sunday School. Aunt Shelly's kids would sometimes talk me into going with them to a small church about a mile away. It's a line from the song "Do Lord"
"Do Lord , Oh do Lord, Oh do ya remember me?"
That goes to show that if you don't go to church very often, you might have to remind God who you are.

How many of you have butchered Christmas carols? How about these:

"Dashing through the snow, in a one horse soapin sleigh"
Maybe the soap helped the sleigh slide better?

"In the meadow we can build a snowman, and we can pretend he's parched & brown"
Are you sure he was made of snow?

"No well, No well, the angels did sing"
That's glad tidings?

As I grew older, my taste for music grew to the pop/rock genre. Here are some classic miscues.

I thought Paul McCartney & Wyngs were singing "Bang on the rug"
I could never figure out why the jailer man & Sailor Sam were searching everyone for the bang on the rug.

Who can forget the line from Manfred Mann's classic Blinded By The Light" "Wake up like the dudes,you know the roaner in the night."
I don't have a clue what any of what I have just typed means.

I thought Gordon Lightfoot's "Carefree Highway" and Eric Clapton's "Layla" were "Every Highway" and "Hey Love" respectively.
What's bad is the both actually make sense with the wrong words.

A line from Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" mentions "searching for my, lost sugar and salt."
What, was he putting together a spice cabinet or something?

In Linda Rhonstadt's "Blue Bayou" I could have sworn that she said " Saving nickles, saving dimes, stick'em where the sun don't shine"
I wonder if she ever saw "Papillon"

It sounded like Barry Manalow sings in the song "Copacabana" "His name was Rico, he wore a diamond. He was escorted to his chair. He saw Lola dancin' there. And when she finished, he called her Rover (whistle).
Is that why Tony got angry, because someone called his girl a dog?

Who can forget The Steve Miller Band singing "Oh big ol' jet air light house, don't carry me too far away. Oh, big ol' jet air light house, 'cause it's here and I've got to stay."
Jet light house? Maybe it was for SPACE ships?

And finally is the Michael Jackson classic that says "Keep on, with a bozo, don't stop till you get enough." I now know the words are THE FORCE instead of "a bozo", but I heard it in a restaurant recently, and I'm sorry, "the force" just doesn't fit. It STILL sounded like "a bozo" I guess there are some things you never outgrow.

Are there any songs that you will admit to botching the words to? Drop a line in the comments, and thanks for singing along with me.


Mrs Lemon said...

Sometimes Mr Lemon sings "I just started livin' - I found me a brand new wife"

Jewel said...

Hmmm....I know I've done this but I just can't remember any songs right now! (It's happening more and more...*feeble grin*)
Love your husband's version of that lyric, Mrs. Lemon!! *smile*

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Nothing is coming to mind... but I have done this and I have been around when someone else has done this. Funny stuff!!

Thanks for the laugh!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

The Ogre said...

How about the old hymn: Long ago, long ago oh the ol' girl cow was selded long ago...(The Old Account was Settled)

Guilty of that one myself