Friday, August 14, 2009

Flashback Friday #51

Comfort areas
Hello all, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable (I hope you don't have to stand while you are on the computer). In today's Flashback Friday I will cover some of the places where I would go when I needed peace or just some time alone to chill.

I have always been an avid reader. Do you know what it's like to try to read with people bothering you? When I was a child, I would scoot the couch out a bit and worm my way behind it to catch up on some reading. Doing that kept me from getting spanked once. All the other neighborhood kids were round up and asked who did some terrible act. Since nobody confessed, the parents of said kids were going to spank ALL of the kids. When a parent asked where I was, and why I wasn't getting spanked, Dad replied "I know where he is and where he has been for the last hour. He was behind the couch reading, and fell asleep. He's still there." We have our couch angled so "The Boy" can have a "mancave" behind the couch.

I also discovered a tree on the property line that was ideal for reading in. If I rolled my comic book up, and stuck it in my back pocket, I could climb unhindered. I wouldn't try to take an encyclopedia up there. It had a fork just high enough to be out of any one's sight line. It didn't work too well in the fall and winter.

When I got mad at Sir Gattabout, and had all of him that I could stand, I would run away from home. Don't get upset. My version of running away consisted of going back to the creek, and cooling off under the bridge. I would throw rocks at the supports while saying mean, horrible things about my brother. I always made sure that I had finished running away before Mom & Dad got home. The bridge also made for a good smooching spot later on.
Did you have a "chilling" spot? If so where?


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I am afraid it is the bathroom now. Yeah, really special, I know. It works best when the kids are asleep and not knocking on the door.

My room was definately my special place as a kid. I always kept it neat and tidy and had the cooliest canopy bed.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Jewel said...

My cooling off spot now is my bedroom. I can close the door and that kind of lets it be known that I need some privacy for a while.
When I was a child at home I had a couple of different places to go. One was a huge maple tree that was on a tree-covered hillside near our home. Because it was on a pretty steep hillside the limbs were close to the ground and I would climb up onto one of them and find some solitude.
Or I would go up behind where we lived to this beautiful little waterfall that was hidden from view by the trees. *sigh* What wonderful memories. Thanks, Sir, so much, for this post!

Theresa said...

In some ways Sir and I are much alike!!! If I wanted to spend time ALONE, it usually involved a book and a hiding place. As a child, there were two wonderful trees, one in the back yard (for those times when Mom said not to leave the yard) and one in the woods that ran across the back of the yard. These days, if I'm in my sewing room, that's usually all the alone I need. If I'm feeling really grumpy, I close the door.