Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday # 145

1st Homecoming Dance

Hello, good to see you again. As you can see from the title, the topic of the day is Homecoming. Since I was on Student Council, I had a part in the festivities.

As a fundraiser, the Student Council sold Homecoming corsages. I took my turn manning the table taking orders. I also took my turn at the table passing them out once they came in. I even bought one in hopes of being able to give it to my date.

The first person I asked was Doris.She turned me down. She was a Senior, after all. Perhaps I had set my sights too high.

I then asked the girl that I had been writing secret admirer notes to. She had already accepted an invitation from someone else. two rejections. I wasn't going to ask anyone else.

I decided to give the flower to my mom and go to the dance stag. My cousin (one of Aunt Shelly's kids) was going stag too, so he offered me a ride. Supposedly if you go stag, you can dance with anyone because you don't have someone holding you back. That's only good if you are able to muster up the gumption to ask someone to dance. I never did.

At the end of the dance (always a slow song), a girl asked me if I would care to dance with her. She was a Sophomore. I had seen her in school, but I didn't even know her name until I looked it up in the yearbook when I got home. I later found out that she had a boyfriend, but he had been too sick to make it to the dance. He told her to go and have fun.

I should have worn a name tag that said HELLO, My Name Is Wallflower.

"Doe"n't have a date.

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MotherT said...

I've never been to a school dance of anykind, but I understand the "wallflower" reference. I'm not real good in crowds, and walls are safe places.