Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rough Night For Rough Truck

Day four of the county fair is done. Tonight was "rough truck". To those who don't know what that is, let me explain. There is an obstacle course set up in front of the grandstand. Holes, barriers, mud. At the end, is a large hill in which the contestant is to ramp their truck off of. Whoever completes the course in the fastest time wins. This draws rednecks from all the surrounding counties because everyone likes to see someone else tear up their vehicle.

We were just as full back where my crew was parking as we were last night. The only difference was that there were NO areas cordoned off. Yes, we put that many more cars in that area. Sorry there are no pictures tonight, we were a mite busy.

We had quite the issue with teens trying to sneak into the fair by the area we park. No less than 17 attempted entry over the fence. My daughter, The Ogre, used her "Mom Voice" to dissuade several from crossing the fence. She would holler "Don't even think about trying to climb the fence!" The Sheriff Deputy said that they had apprehended 10 people who sneaked into the fair. Those people were charged with trespassing and kicked out of the fair for the duration. It just isn't worth trying to save $5.00 by sneaking in.

Tonight is usually the largest crowd. Some say that the entertainment on Friday, Lee Brice & Steel Magnolia will bring a larger crowd. I don't know. I've told folks before, I doubted if Garth Brooks could bring a larger crowd than rough truck. Except if he was going to tear up his truck on stage. That might make a difference.

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Jewel said...

I LOVE Tough Track! (that's what they call it down here! LOL) It is hilarious to watch!
I so admire you all for your hard work for missions! You are to be commended!!!