Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Three Is Done

Today was supposedly "the quiet day" at the county fair. Harness racing was the featured event at the grandstand. Usually that means a small crowd. Not tonight. There was also motocross at the back arena. In making a motocross course, they had to cordon off a large chunk of parking area. Those who usually parked there parked back in my area.

Not only did we have those who were displaced by the motocross, but there was also a large area cordoned off for a life flight helicopter to land. They wanted to be ready if a motocross rider was seriously injured. We filled the area all the way to the back fence, and started putting cars along the side fence.

While parking along the side fence, a study in contrasts came about:

You can tell how tall the truck is by looking at the PT Cruiser to the left. The Corvette to the right looks absolutely tiny.

Near the end of our shift, the Life flight chopper came in to land. We all gathered around since none of us had ever seen a helicopter this close up before. While watching it land, my grandson's hat was blown off. He thought that was really cool.

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