Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback Friday # 147

Fair Remembrances

A warm greeting to both of my loyal readers (what, you say I have more than two?) Since this week has found me at the county fair every night, I figured that I would rehash a few memories about some of the times that I went to fairs. This is a rambling remembrance so please try to follow along.

There was a time when I was but a lad, that Dad took me to a street fair at our county seat. He knew one of the concessionaires, so I got to cheat a bit on the dart throw. I got to stand inside the booth instead of in front of the counter. I popped three balloons and won a purple teddy bear.

Another time Dad & I ventured to the very fair that I have been working this week. Dad also knew a couple of the carnies there. At any of the rides that they worked, I didn't have to surrender any tickets. Free rides, what kid wouldn't like that? However, there was one ride that frightened me. It was the swings that go round & round, high & fast. During this ride, I began to slip out of the seat. there was only a lap bar, so if I continued to slide out, I would have been flung from the ride. I hung on for dear life. I was very relieved when the ride stopped. I never rode that ride again. As we were leaving, still with plenty of tickets in hand, a father & son were heading in. The boy asked his dad if he could ride some rides. Dad said, "We'll see what the prices are." Dad looked at me, I looked at Dad, and we both said, "We have some tickets that we didn't use. Do you want them?" It really made that kid's day.

Finally, "The Gravatron" was one ride that I really liked. Whenever I had a chance, I would ride it. I liked lifting my legs up while being pinned to the wall going round & round. Once, as this ride was coming to a halt, an Amish or Mennonite boy not too far from me, surrendered his lunch. How very glad I was that the ride had stopped. I can't imagine him doing that during the ride. Yuck!

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