Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Papa's Amazing Electronics

I had been telling "The Boy" about comical band leader Spike Jones for some time. In doing so research for a school project about WWII, I found Spike's song "Der Fuhrers Face" on YouTube. He was totally tickled with it.

I told him that I a had a record album of Spike Jones. We listened to it the other day. After side 1 finished, he was amazed when the record player "magically" returned the needle arm to the side. He then said "That was great, I'm going upstairs to play". I asked, "Don't you want to finish it?" and flipped the album over to side 2. "That's cool!" he said, "It plays on BOTH sides?"

If I'm not wrong, that was his first experience with a record player. He was amazed with the total experience. Let's see you do that with an mp3 player.

Spike Jones' album "Dinner Music for people who aren't very hungry".

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Theresa said...

The amazing draw of silly music across generational lines! If I remember correctly, The Ogre's favorite was Spike Jones' recording of "The Flight of the Bumble Bee".