Friday, March 4, 2011

Flashback Friday #126

The John Deere Tractors

Greetings one and all. Welcome to my acre of cyberspace.

When I was somewhat younger (somewhere around 35 years younger) I was riding my bike to the nearby General Store. As I was waiting to cross the State Route, I spied a sign that said "Yard Sale". I love yard sales, so I decided to forgo my trip to the store to venture a bit further to see if the would be anything to pique my interest.

When I got the, I found a cool board game that was within my budget. then I spotted something that froze me in my tracks. There were some cast metal John Deere tractors for sale. There were two tractors (one with a cab, one without), a wagon, a plow, a disc, and a combine. They wanted $20 for the lot. That wasn't in my price range.

I bought the game, and rode home on my bike. When I got home, Mom & Dad were already home from work. They asked where I had been. I told them of the yard sale, and showed them the game I purchased. I then told them about the tractors.

Mom said we could go back there and take a look at them. When we got back there, they still hadn't sold. Mom knew the folks, and offered them $15. They accepted, and I got to tote all that stuff to the car.

Those tractors saw many a dirt pile. They ran over many an army man. They even chased after Hot Wheels. Scale meant nothing to me. I got the $15 wear & tear out of those tractors.

I kept them for several years, until one year, we decided to have a yard sale of our own. Mom said that I got to keep the money from anything of mine that I put in it. I decided to put the tractors in, along with a couple of older bikes that I had.

Aunt Shelly stopped by, and she had some of her brood with her. The boys saw the bikes & the tractors and had to have them. Several of them pooled their money and paid what I asked for them. They left very happy. Neither the bikes or the tractors lasted there longer than a year.

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