Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Past...With a Price Tag Part2

I have a camera phone that likes to toy with me. i can think of at least three times off the top of my head that I went to look for a picture, and it wasn't there, only to show up where it wasn't a few weeks later (did you manage to hang on through all that?)

Anyway, when I first put this post up, several pictures were missing. They were there today when I went looking for a different picture. So, without further ado, here's the rest of the pictures I took in the antique store during our stay in Amish country.

This is the Hoppity Hop that I described, but couldn't find the picture of. My neighbor had one with a horse head on it. They also made them with a large ring to hold onto.
This is the spring horse I described. We played on these for hours. I think these & Hoppity Hops were deemed too unsafe for kids. They don't know what they're missing.
Who didn't have Dinky cars back then? I loved mine.
I had some tractors like these at my Grandma's house in Westerville. These are not the John Deere tractors that I wrote about in Flashback Friday #126.

G.I. Joe. I had a bunch of them. this was before they became the 5" "action figures". These were 12" tall (slightly taller than Barbie). I learned the hard way not to take them to school. The older kids called them dolls.
Finally we have the cartoon glasses. We must have had 25-30 of these. We got them at the Gold Circle store in Westerville (I can use the real name because they are defunct). If you bought a soft drink for 50 cents, you could get it in one of these glasses for an additional 50 cents. You can see the Speedy Gonzales glass behind Aquaman. He was my favorite.

Thanks for taking another stroll down memory lane with me.

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