Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rambling Randomness

Here is a quick hit to the stack off stuff that has been going on recently.

*To answer my daughter as to why I was at Urgent Care on Saturday. I had an ingrown hair on my arm. I know what you're thinking, "You went for that?". When your ingrown hair gets infected with a staph infection you do. Nasty is too kind of a word for what that looked like. It still isn't too pretty now, after four days of antibiotics, but it is getting better.

*The County Fair opened on Sunday. Our church folks tell people where to go (park the cars) and police the grounds (pick up trash). Sunday was Tractor pulls. Yesterday was demolition derby. Today was harness racing at the grandstand and a motocross/ monster truck skills event at the back track. Tomorrow is rough truck (ALWAYS the busiest night of the fair). Thursday is figure eight school bus races. Friday Craig Morgan is there. Saturday is truck pulls. It's a regular redneck rodeo.

*Folks say"I'll bet you get some of that yummy fair food. Wrong. So far my "fair food" has consisted of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, granola bars & Gatorade from the refreshment cart our pastor's wife drives around. Maybe later I'll get a funnel cake or something.

*Last night, on the way home from the fair, the drive belt in my truck disintegrated. I heard some strange noises and about 2 blocks from my house,the alternator light came 0n and I lost power steering. When I popped the hood. The belt was missing. I found it all wrapped around the fan. It is supposed to be two inches wide and solid. This is what it looked like:

Ninja John came over this morning to help me put the new one on (thank you, thank you, thank you).

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