Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh, What You'll Hear In Sunday School

Today's lesson dealt with the marriage of Isaac & Rebekah. In the lead up to the lesson, we discussed "What do you think of when you hear the word marriage"? The kids brainstormed and we wrote several things on the board. I then told them that I had been in seven weddings. I then told them that in two of the weddings, that I had given the bride away. I asked the class if they knew why I did that. One boy raised his hand and ventured the guess "Because you didn't like them"? LOL right there in class.

Prior to class, we told one of the girls that there was going to be a wedding in the class today. She asked if everyone in class was getting married. "No" replied my assistant teacher (who is female, and NOT my wife), "(My real name) and I aren't, because we are already married." No you're not.' replied the girl. "Yes we are married" She replied. "If you're married:, the girl exclaimed, why are your last names different". My teacher explained that we weren't married to each other, but were were still both married. Another LOL.

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