Friday, July 16, 2010

Flashback Friday # 96

Early Morning/Late Night TV

Hello, all. Ready for another trip down memory lane? Sure, I knew you were.

One of the earliest TV shows I can remember was a locally produced show called "Luci's Toy Shop". I can remember watching this while in kindergarten. The show starred Lucille Gasaway as a soft spoken adult parent figure. She was surrounded by various puppets who portrayed child-like qualities. She was like a female Mr. Rogers or Captain Kangaroo. ( which I also watched, but won't get into because everyone knows them). When she would go on vacation, she would be replaced by various "local celebrities". Imagine your hansome local newscaster interacting with puppets while wearing a red & white sports coat (she always wore a red & white pinafor). Her show was also the first to air episodes of "Gumby".

Here is a picture of her with "Lamb". I think every child in central Ohio can thank "lamb" for teaching the the alphabet song. I think you're wonderful.

When Luci went off the air in 1972, she was replaced with another local show called "Friendly Junction". The producers introduced the human characters on "Luci's Toy Shop" (I guess to break us in to them).I only recall them being on for a short time.

This is Leslie Podkin (aka Mrs. Rattlebee). The show was set in a train station near the toy shop.

When "Friendly Junction" went off the air, I became a watcher of "The New Zoo Review"

Much could be learned from Freddy the Frog, Henrietta the Hippo, Charlie the Owl and Doug & Emmy Jo. I wouldn't mind seeing it on TV again.

The local station also showed re-runs of Popeye" cartoons. I had never seen Popeye before. My grandson loves Popeye as much as I did (thank you DVD).

I also watched the CBS Morning News when I got a bit older, and had to catch the bus before the kids shows come on. I think I still prefer kids shows over "adult" shows.

The other end of the spectrum was late night TV. Johnny Carson was the only commedian on late at night. I didn't watch him too often. I usually went to bed after the local news at 11. Fridays were a different story. We stayed up to watch "Chiller Theater" (Bolt the doors, and lock the windows. It's time for Chiller Theater). This was hosted by Fritz the Night Owl. Some of my most unpleasant memeories came from this show.

If we stayed up real late, we could catch The Midnight Special, hosted by Wolfman Jack. We would always check who the guests were before we decided to stay up. If it was a group we liked, we tried to stay up until they played.

Unlike today, if you stayed up too long, there was nothing to watch. The station would sign off the air, and you would be left with nothing but static. The buzz from the static woke us up, and reminded us to go to bed.

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