Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Wife's New Dolly

When I discovered that I didn't have to work today (Saturday, 7/24),Lady Nottaguy-TYG said we would get everything done before so there would be no reason to have to leave the house on Saturday. We would stay cozy in our air conditioned house while it sweltered outside (90+ degrees with near 100 % humidity). That is until she got the call.

She got the call she had been waiting for since her surprise birthday party. She took the gift cards & cash she got and ordered a dress form. Friday she told me it was in. She contenplated picking it up Wednesday since she's off. I think the excitment was too much for her. We drove to Columbus in our un-air condtioned car to get it. We made a stop at the urgent care in Sunbury on the way back (this is due to an unrelated, minor injury on my part. I know this has nothing to do with my story, but I'm a man and tend to change subjects at the drop of a hat).

Once we got home, she commensed to put her new toy together. You may say "Wait a minute, she's XX years old, and still plays with dolls?" The answer is yes, and knowing her, she will get lots of playtime with this one. Her take on this story is found here.

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Mrs Lemon said...

Come on Dad, whadja do that required an urgent care stop? That's the real story here ...