Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback Friday # 97

The Tire Swing

Hello. Thanks for wandering onto this footpath into cyberspace with me. Today, as we take a look back, we spot something that any child can enjoy. The tire swing.

Our neighbors, the Pershings, had a large tree in the middle of their back yard. They also had five kids (4 girls & 1 boy). One way to keep the kids occupied in the summer time was to put up a tire swing in the tree.

The Pershing kids weren't the only ones to enjoy that swing. I had my share of turns on it. We even rode double & triple on it. That's where the trouble began.

One day, I was out playing at the swing with the three oldest girls. They liked it when I would push. It didn't take long before all three girls were in the swing, and i was pushing them with all my might. They went straight. I twirled them. they got bounced. It was a wonderful time. Until the rope broke.

Fortunately for them they were only about three feet off the ground when it snapped. The oldest of the three (who was sitting on top) jumped free and landed on her feet. The two riding inside weren't so lucky. The next oldest had the unfortunate luck of landing on her back and breaking he fall of her little sister (they were still in the tire. The tire hit first, cushioning the fall, but not totally breaking it). She got the wind knocked out of her and got a few scrapes.

Where the rope broke made the swing irreparable. If you tied it that high, nobody could reach it to get on. Their dad also said that that should have known better than to ride three at a time. The swing was never fixed, and the tire got thrown out. It was fun while it lasted.

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