Friday, July 31, 2009

Flashback Friday #49

A day at the beach.

Hi friends, were going to the beach today, so grab your flip flops, suntan oil and favorite towel and we're off.

Now living in central Ohio, we don't have the kinds of beaches like Daytona, Hilton Head, or Maui. The beach that we frequented was at one point a feeder lake for the Ohio canal system, and is man made. Who cares! It's a beach and we're going to have fun.

We would all hop in Dad friend's pick up truck except for Mom. She didn't like the beach, and if one of us kids were going to drown, she didn't want to watch. There were usually 8-10 people in the truck (three in front, the rest rode in the bed of the truck). I believe this type of travel is illegal in most states now.

When we got there, we all liked to do different things. Sir Gattabout would take his snorkel & goggles and try to sneak up on his friend who weren't watching. Dad liked to swim in the deeper parts. I liked to play in the sand. We would make sand angels (just like snow angels, only grittier) and I loved making sand castles. Anytime I would find a different sized cup, it became a new sand mold. When you got ready to leave, someone always asked for your cups. I also loved sifting through the sand in search of pirate booty. If pirates carried change, I might have found it.

Farther out, boats ran and people skied or tubed. The wakes from the boats made waves like the tide was coming in. Sir Gattabout always thought they were cool. He always wanted a boat to go fishing off of of just drive around. Guess who currently has a boat on the very same waters. One of these days we'll join him out there for the afternoon.

When the day was over, we were always hot, tired and sun burnt. We would always stop and a nearby Dairy Twist for ice cream cones afterwards. This was the first place that I had ever seen a "twist cone". I thought they were the coolest things in the world.

How did you cool off on a hot summer day?


Theresa said...

We grew up in inner city Columbus, with not a lot of options for cooling off. We used to fill mop buckets with cool water and use plastic cups or small bowls to throw water at each other. Then there were the old-style squirt guns. What we really hoped for was the fire department to come by and open the hydrants for a while! AND we weren't above playing in the rain, even if there was thunder and lightening.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Now I want to go to a beach. Any beach. I used to spend many summers on my grandpa's boat. I loved that thing! I hope that someday we could get a boat...

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

My mom (who is from New Carlistle, OH near Columbus, my dad is from Tiffin, OH) used to wet her hair and go driving in her fathers convertible as a kid. My car has not had air conditioning for about five years now. I cool off when I get home by striping down and laying under our ceiling fan in our bed room. Not a pretty picture, but it gets the job done.