Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Fair Time Again

Sunday was the start of our county fair. Many people can't wait for the fair, and are disappointed when it is over. I am the opposite.

You see, I (and our Church) work the fair. In the morning from 6 AM to 7:30ish, we pick up trash that doesn't make it in to the trashcans (can you believe people just tossed dirty diapers on the ground? Gross!!!). Usually I don't get the pleasure of doing this, but this week was taken off from work so I could help in any way needed. since our organization's camp meeting is also this week. May of the normal fair workers will be working at camp, leaving the fair crew shorthanded.

From about 4:30 to 7:30-8 PM we park all the smiling, happy people who have come to enjoy the fair (I don't understand why expletive delete I have to park all the expletive delete way out here). Smile, nod and tell them to have a nice evening and enjoy the fair.

As you can see, our fairground is very flat and paved. (NOT!) And yes, those are cars a mile away from my vantage point in the distance.

Two days down, five to go.


Jewel said...

Does the fair and family camp usually coincide? For some reason I didn't think that it usually did. So was this year an exception? I really admire your honesty in not LIKING to do your part but still you are WILLING to do it. God notices that, Sir, and I know He is pleased. And it is for such a great cause!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I LOVE FAIRS! But, I do not love dirty diapers... GROSS!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Theresa said...

We actually DO like the fair, but by the time you've parked so many "happy & contented" people you really don't want to go in and possibly run into any of them while you are holding a cup of ice or something else pourable!

Yes, Jewel, this year was an exception to the rule, therefore we are drastically short-handed!