Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Mind That Wanders

Update: I found a link that enables you to play the song I described below. It was performed by Homer & Jethro and I recorded it off the radio on June 29, 1980 (I looked through Dr. Demento's play list history). It is officially titled "The Billboard Song". Click the word "audio" to hear it. Sorry if you have dial up.

Today I was moved out of my department to help another department that was shorthanded. The work that was required was very boring. I had to peel the protective plastic coating off of some tubes before they could be made into decorative tailpipes. It was about like shucking corn all day.

Since the work was fairly mindless, I allowed my mind to wander off. Usually when it wanders off, it is like an old dog that "brings something home" to it's master. Today was no exception. A song popped into my head that I first heard in Jr. High, and haven't heard since before I graduated, over 25 years ago.

I first heard this song on "The Dr. Demento Show". Dr. Demento is a DJ that plays only wacky songs. I listened to his weekly show very faithfully, and even recorded many of the songs. This particular song comes from the 1930's. I don't remember the name, and the second "serious" verse, but what I do remember ran through my head all day. I thought you might like it.

As I was walking down the block, a billboard caught my eye.
The advertisements written there would make you laugh & cry.
The signs were torn & scattered, from the storm the night before.
Though wind & rain had done it's work, for this is what they bore

Smoke Coca-Cola cigarettes, Drink Wrigley's spearmint beer.
Kennel Ration dog food keeps your wife's completion clear.
Chew chocolate covered mothballs, they always satisfy.
Brush your teeth with Lifebuoy soap and watch the suds go by.

(serious verse)

Take your next vacation in a brand new Frigid-Aire.
Learn to play piano in your winter underwear.
And Simonize your baby, with a Hershey candy bar.
Texaco's the beauty cream that's used by all the stars.

(musical interlude)

Doctor's say that babies should smoke Havana Three.
People over thirty-five take baths in Lipton's tea.
You can make this country a better place today,
Just buy a record of this song and throw it far away.

I hope I'm back in my department tomorrow. Who knows what my wandering mind will bring back next?


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Chocolate covered mothballs...yum! And, why isn't this on UTube? Good stuff!

You have quite the memory!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Jewel said...

I've worked a few mind-numbing, boring jobs a time or two, too, Sir. *yawwwwn*
I am just amaaaazed at your memory! That you remembered all of those words! Funny stuff!!!

Theresa said...

Oh, you dear ladies have no idea what my hubby's wandering mind can bring home! There are times that I just pray for the wisdom to smile at the right time!