Thursday, July 23, 2009

OUCH in any language

It finally happened. For over 20 years I have worked with metal, never needing much more than a band-aid. That streak came to a screeching halt today as I had the metal turn the tables on me today. Usually I cut it. Today...

While I was rebanding a coil of stainless steel (.010 thick), it slipped and caught my left arm. I told the lady working near me to grab some paper towels. The supervisors looked at it and thought I would be ok, but since it had been 18 years since I had a tetanus shot, I needed one. I figured I would let the doctor at the ER decide if I was really OK.

First I had to wait 45 minutes to get a drug test. I was told by the HR Director that I needed to do this first. I then went over to the ER and the doctor gave me the news I didn't want to hear.

"It looks like we'll need to stitch that." he says. AARGGH!!! Other than the internal stitches from knee surgery, I have never had stitches. "There's a first time for everything", the Doctors says. When he was finished, he had put in nine stitches. I asked if I had any limitations "Nope", was his response. The RN told me to try to take it easy.

I took some pictures, but I will spare you unless the masses cry out for them. Mainly they are to show "The Ogre" who happens to work at a hospital.

Update: here is a pic to satisfy my blog homies that I'm not making this up.


Mrs Lemon said...

ooo ooo I wanna see :)

Yeah, that drug test was actually to make sure all those songs you make up and sticker jokes you pull are REAL LIVE ROSS, not pharmaceutically induced. They needed proof the crazy is for real.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Great comment, Mrs. Lemon!

So sorry! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Theresa said...

Let me say, he's been very good about taking naps after work the last two days. Getting stitches must have worn him plum out! *grin*

Mrs Lemon said...