Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flashback Friday #237

We're Moving?

Welcome all to another exciting post about my teenage yeras. It's almost as much fun as watching paint dry. Anyway, today's post deals with us moving.

All my life I had lived in the same place. I remember the brown house that we lived in before we built the basement to what would be Dad's "Dream house" That was directly behind the brown house. We lived in that for a year while the brown house was beind demolished. Plans were to add onto the basement until it became a whole, habital house. This never happened. The old man that lived next door died and Dad was able to buy his property at a really good price. We moved from the small basement with blankets serving as walls to a full house. Dad filled in the basement and covered it up.

Dad was forever making changes & inprovements on this house. Not all changes were improvements. Like George Baily's house in "It's A Wonderful Life", our house was an old, drafty house. During the winters, we normally hung a blanket in the doorway and spent most of the time in the living room. That way we didn't have to heat the whole house to a comfortable temperature. Needless to say, nobody stayed long in the bathroom (that is after a bathroom was installed, about five years after we moved in). Entry door locations were moved. Room locations moved. Changes all the time.

We lived in that house from the time I was five until the day Dad came home and told me we were moving. This was less than six months away from my 17th birthady. Moving? We can't move. All my friends are here. I've seen how the new kids at school acted. I didn't want to go through that. Would we be moving closer to Westerville so my folks wouldn't have such a long drive? Dad was very closed mouth about it.

No wonder he was closed mouth about it. Shortly after he told me we were moving, a semi-truck pulled up with our new house. We were going to move into a house trailer. Dad had purchased a trailer and pulled it in next to the house. He said as soon as he got the water, heat & electricity hooked up, we'd be moving in. He let us take a quick tour as soon as it was stabilized. A complete description of our new digs comes in my next post.

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