Sunday, June 16, 2013

Flashback Friday #235

I Read It In The Yearbook

Greetings one and all and welcome to the online cure for insomnia.

There's an old Marvin Gaye song called "Heard It through The Grapevine" about a guy hearing from his friends about a coming break up. What does that have to do with my post? Glad you asked.

It's tradition that when the yearbooks come in, you have you friends sign it. I always had my named embossed on the cover to make sure I got mine back. The yearbooks came in while Toni & I were still dating, so you'll see that in some of the notations. Here are a few of the things that were written about me during my Sophomre year. All are actual quotes except for the "To (my actual name),".

"Your a real sweet guy who knows what your doing.Stay cool. Love ya!"

"A nice guy I like alot. Good luck in the future. Say HI to Mr. Magoo for you. I hope we will be friends always. Good luck always."

"To a real nice guy who is a lot of laughs.Good luck in life.I have a feeling you'll need it."

"To a neat nice far-out kid that I have know for a long, long time and hope we will always be friends. Good luck with whomever."

"To a super cool guy who's got taste cause we both like Cheech & Chong. Good Luck always."

"To a good friend. Good luck with everything and everyone you want!"

"A real cool guy & funny too. Good luck with Toni. Stay the way you are."

"To a real nice guy that is C-O-O-L."

"To a very nice guy. I hope that we will always be friends. Good luck always and with everything you do. Remember me always."

"To a very strange & weird person who is one of my friends."

And then there was this from Toni:
"To a very nice boyfriend who I really like & admire, you're the best as far as I'm concerned, you won't have to worry about me disappointing you cause I never will. When I leave next year, please keep in touch (if I decide to ) I never forget you.

OK, My girlfriend is talking about leaving. She didn't say anyhing to me about that. I read about it in my yearbook. However, that's not the really odd signage in my yearbook. More about that in my next post.

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