Monday, June 3, 2013

Flashback Friday #233

My Class Ring

Hello. Welcome to another post of adventure and excitement or perhaps the cure for insomnia.

In the middle of my Sophomore year, a representative from a large jewlery company made a stop at our school with literature about ordering your class ring. Everyone was excited. The upperclassmen wore their rings with pride and getting ours would be a step closer to becoming said upperclassman.

I got my packet and took it home to discuss my options with my parents. Seeing that our finances weren't the greatest, getting a gold class ring was out of the question. Looking at the price of a silver ring showed us that it too was out of our price range. That left us with two other options. There were two "rare" metals that were offered. The first was "Lustrium". It was a faux gold. The other was "Astrium" which was a fake silver. In looking at the two options that were affordable to us, I decided to go with the Astrium.

OK. The ring base was settled on, now about the stone. My birthstone is topaz.I really didn't care for how that looked. To me, it reminded me of frozen urine. I decided on a blue stone. I don't remember the birthstone month, I just thought it looked cool. It also helped that if you got a red or blue stone, they didn't add any to the cost of the ring (since red & blue were our school colors).

I got a red  & blue shield on one side with my initals on it. The other side had a mean looking Scotsman on it (seeing that the Fighting Scots were our mascot). I also had my name put on the insideof the ring.

I was told by my mom that under no circumstances was I to give my ring to a girl. "She'll probably loose it and you'll be out of luck.", she said. I told her that I wouldn't. (Ha!)

When the order was put in, I was really excited. When they came in, I was even more so. More on this in next week's post.

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