Sunday, March 17, 2013

Flashback Friday #225

Bart & Dawn Break Up

Welcome back to all those who have stumbled by this way again. If you're a first time visitor, pull up and chair and delve into the past with me. Currently were in 1980.

In Flashback Friday #200, I told you of my best friend, Bart, going steady with our chief antagonist, Dawn. I never in a million years saw this coming. Bart said he was serious about going steady only with girls that went to church. Ooookaaay, Am I missing something here, Bart. You had said that it was  your parents that had gotten all religious.

Anyway,  Bart & Dawn had been going steady for several months. At the Media Club overnight, Bart had confided with me that he thought that he & Dawn probably wouldn't be together too much longer. There was some friction (really? It's not like you didn't tease her for years) and things were getting tense.

One day at school, Bart told me that he had broken up with Dawn. Dawn didn't seem too upset about it because he said that she had immediately started dating another guy at their church (some of you know who that was). He then told me that he had taken a fancy to one of Dawn's cousins. Sherry also went to their church and to our high school. However, unlike Dawn, who was a Sophomore like us, Sherry was a Junior. My best friend, dating an upperclassman? Whoa, What's this world coming to?

Bart did ask Sherry and and Sherry said yes. I figured there would be some animosity between Dawn & Sherry but there was none. Now I'm really confused. What does Bart see in these girls? Is there something that I'm missing? The answer comes in a future post.

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