Sunday, March 10, 2013

Flashback Friday #224

The Media Club Overnight Field Trip

Hello, welcome to another edition of Flashback Friday. I've spoken before about the after school clubs & organizations that I was part of. The Media Club was one of my favorites. Needless to say, I was really pumped when we were told we would be going to a conference in large city an hour or so away. I don't remember the city, but I do know it wasn't Columbus. I'm thinking Dayton or Akron or the like.

We were to leave right after school on Friday. There were about 10 of us going. We brought our luggage to school and stored it in the AV room. At the end of school, we trooped out to the bus and loaded up. Ater 60 plus minutes on the bus. We got to the hotel and took our stuff to our rooms. Both librarians were ladies, and they both went. They were the girl's chaperon. The boy's chaperon was a senior member of the club. From there, we went to a conference center for supper and welcoming events.

After the preliminaries were done. There was a buffet. We were encouraged to sit with people from other schools. We ignored it. After supper, there was a dance and I tore up the dance floor.

After that night's festivities were finished, the head librarian asked if were wanted to go to a movie. Being teens, we said yes. Now to determine the movie. There was a nearby multi screen theater that we stopped at. Since there was only three chaperons, a maximum of three movies could be chosen. All the girls wanted to see a mushy love story, so the librarians went with them. Our senior chaperon suggested a horror flick. Seeing that I was really into horror movies at the time, I was all for it. So all the guy went to the scary movies that was being offered. It was "The Exorcist".

Looking back, that is a really frightening movie. However, I was in such spiritual oppression, I laughed hysterically through the whole movie. Things that should have scared the wits off of me, I found funny. My laughter must have been contagious because all the guys found themselves joking throughout the movie.

When we got back to the hotel room, the first thing our chaperon did was jump onto the bed and start bouncing up & down, hollering "Help me, help me." like the girl in the movie. After the laughter dies out, we choose our sleeping arrangement. The senior got one bed, a junior got the other. We three underclassmen slept on the floor.

The next morning, we went to the conference and it ended around noon. We piled into the bus and headed for home. I don't remember what the conference was about. The only thing I remember about this trip was that movie and my reaction to it. That was really scary.

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